United State. – Video: The Tourism Board calls on Spain to lift restrictions as soon as possible to “save the summer”

11/21/2019 Two people with their luggage await their flight, sitting in a seat at Madrid Barajas Airport, Adolfo Suarez in Madrid on November 21, 2019. Economy Eduardo Barra – Europa Press

Madrid, 25 years old (European Press TV)

The Tourism Board has asked Spain to support Greece’s initiative and to accept entry to its territory for tourists from the United States who have been vaccinated or who present a negative PCR result.

Although the Greek decision “violates” the border regulations of the European Union due to the epidemic, the Union considers that the Greek state “is in line with the urgent economic need to restore its tourism sector without creating additional risks”.

For the president of the Tourism Board, Juan Molas, the Greek exception, which “Spain must immediately join”, shows that it is not possible to “continue to accept without doubt as hostages to the Brussels policy decided by a group of countries. Tourism has no representative weight in it. Their economies. “

“As far as Greece and Spain are concerned – top-notch tourism destinations internationally – they are urging a faster revitalization of flights so as not to burden their economic recovery,” Molas emphasized.

He believed that the economic and social stability in both countries “is closely linked to the bifurcation of tourism activity, and this situation cannot be compared with other European economies.”

For this reason, the Tourism Board is urging the government of Spain to “look in the mirror” of its Greek counterpart and take “courageously” the measures necessary to restore tourism and save the summer.

Europa Press TV has received statements from the Secretary General of TURISM Table

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