United States, F1 Grand Prix built specifically for Lewis Hamilton


Turkey taught us at least two things. First, that Mercedes has the most powerful car at the end of the season and that makes it very dangerous, and second, that even with the strength of the German team, Red Bull and Max Verstappen are able to drive the drivers. Championship, then 16 grand prix.

In Istanbul, the dominance of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton at almost every session times was indisputable. And almost, because the champion took a penalty kick the combustion part of his engine and behind him 10 places, and despite his good return, he faced Yuki Tsunoda and (especially) Sergio Perez, who did not allow him to reach the podium. .

In addition, Rain, who has been a leading representative of the F1 calendar, has once again said he is present with the sole purpose of sowing doubts and changing strategies.

In Austin, there are divided opinions about predicting the fastest car, but logic suggests that Mercedes, with its engine updated with a higher top speed than Red Bull, will be the one who has the monopoly on the sessions. He paints to be GP Hamilton, but there are those who are confident that Sectors 1 and 3, with curves of all colors and flavours, will be useful for a good aerodynamic load distribution for Red Bull.

At COTA there is a nice start with the straight and left turn reminiscent of a spa, then curves that are almost a tribute to Silverstone with its version of Maggots-Becketts-Chapel. But it’s not the only inspiration this circuit mentions of Hockenheim, Istanbul and São Paulo in some sections.

A real joy as a track, although it is the work of Hermann Tillke and a harbinger of the Grand Prix, where surprises can be expected with Ferrari showing its strength and McLaren, which despite its struggles in Turkey, has a very consistent car.

US GP COTA Austin, Texas

Length: 5,513 meters (56 laps)

Previous winner: Valtteri Bottas (2019)


Lewis Hamilton

What do we keep? Another class of Lewis gets angry and yells at his engineer on the radio. In a previous race, a call from his pits gave him the win, but in Turkey the response to him led to a late stop.

What then? Austin is the Hamilton area and it looks like it will continue to do so.

Valtteri Bottas

What do we keep? He won the Grand Prix again a little over a year later. He did everything well and ended his Mercedes adventure with a big step.

What then? There is no reason not to be one of the fastest growing companies in Texas.

Red Bull

Max Verstappen

What do we keep? Bored, literally unable to catch up with Bottas in Turkey, he regained the championship lead.

What then? To continue as a leader, Hamilton needs not to win and end up in the States, if he can’t beat it.

Sergio Perez

What do we keep? He returned to the podium for the first time from France and was given the position of defense chair, no more and no less than the great Hamilton.

What then? The bad streak is behind us and good results are expected.


Lando Norris

What do we keep? The Grand Prix is ​​more than a secret for Lando and it shows that McLaren is not infallible.

What then? Not yet on its fourth engine, when Mercedes actually arrived, it could be on the border to do so.

Daniel Ricciardo

What do we keep? He had no rhythm or found answers in the car. Out of points and far behind.

What then? Daniel has already won the Grand Prix, and he doesn’t expect anything different in the points.


Charles Leclerc

What do we keep? Leclerc was one of those who thought he could do an entire GP race without changing the tires, but reality showed him that wasn’t possible. He still has a good race and being on the podium was just a circumstance.

What then? Ferrari has notable improvements that can be seen in full swing in Texas.

Carlos Sainz

What do we keep? He finished eighth in Turkey, but is half a point ahead of Charles Leclerc in the championship. How much did he think that was possible?

What then? Sainz got back in the race and lost points in the pits, but his pace on Sunday was at an expert level as Checo Pérez.

Alpha Tour

Pierre Gasly

What do we keep? He scored eight points in Turkey and gave 3,684 times what the (already occupied) Red Bull seat was worth.

What then? Let him drive as he did and focus on the Alpha Tauri.

Yuki Tsunoda

What do we keep? He wore the hero’s robe to endure Hamilton for so long and try to help Verstappen.

What then? That after doing something well does not suffer from distractions.


Fernando Alonso

What do we keep? Alonso was injured due to a poor start and suffered contact with Gasly. Then he lost control and ended Schumacher’s career. Bad day.

What then? Alonso showed us that he’s still out of the series, I might be able to crown that in 2021 with a podium.

Esteban Ocon

What do we keep? The entire Grand Prix race with the same tires, it hasn’t happened since 1997.

What then? Esteban has its ups and downs. The season’s “highlight” is over.

Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel

What do we keep? It occurred to him that he might be with turkey spots and look like a horse on skates.

What then? It’s clear that Aston Martin is now more of a name than a car, it’s a transition year.

Lance’s Outing

What do we keep? He found two points and did not hit his teammate. Canadian popcorn.

What then? It doesn’t seem like a growing year for him, quite the contrary.



The Mexican driver had an outstanding performance during the Turkish Grand Prix, managing to finish third, keeping the British Mercedes driver at bay.

Alfa Romeo

Kimi Raikkonen

What do we keep? Alfa Romeo has collapsed and with it the potential of Kimi.

What then? We have six Raikkonen races left, and I highly doubt he will leave without giving us a good grade.

Antonio Giovinazzi

What do we keep? 11th place, very worthy but without any award.

What then? We assume he will stay at Alfa Romeo, but if Andretti’s purchase goes through, he could leave F1 with Kimi.


George Russell

What do we keep? He qualified at the age of 13, but was never able to compete in the race.

What then? His move to Mercedes has reduced the pressure on him a lot, his head is clear and he can give a spark.

Nicholas Latifi

What do we keep? His seven championship points are somewhat unexpected, but in Turkey he looked like a poor Williams driver before.

What then? Austin could be a GP as he hands Williams a car that gives surprises.


Mick Schumacher

What do we keep? His best F1 qualification was 14 but he was unlucky enough that Alonso smashed it in the race.

What then? I hope I can repeat the help in Q2

Nikita Mazepin

What do we keep? Far from his track performance, Mazepin walked through Mexico, watched football, ate tacos, and his mind is GP ahead.

What then? He owes us a performance that makes us believe he deserves his place in F1.

Turkey Grand Prix prediction:

first place: Lewis Hamilton

winner: Lewis Hamilton

Secondly: Max Verstappen

third: Sergio Perez

room: Charles Leclerc

Next GP: Mexico GP Nov 5-7.

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