United States: Houston August 15 weather forecast

In addition to consulting the weather forecast for what to wear or whether or not to carry a raincoat, weather report It is a tool that has become essential for various sectors such as Transportation (by air, sea and land), agriculture, tourism, disaster prevention, public health and even the implementation of military operations.

But if it spontaneously predict weather conditions It can be complicated so another variable is added: climate change, which has made the need to keep pace with developments even more urgent for action and Adopting public policies that reduce disaster risks Such as alerts about floods, droughts, ice waves, bad landings and other related phenomena.

In this context, here Houston weather report for the next few hours:

Houston weather

During the day

Max temperature: 34 degrees Celsius

rain probability: 5%

cloud cover: 25%

wind blowing: 28 kilometers per hour

UV Index: Eleven


lowest temperature: 25 degrees

rain probability: 4%

cloud cover: 24%

wind blowing: 22 kilometers per hour

Houston is one of the most populous cities in the United States, located in southern Texas near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The climate in this American city is mainly tropical, with a subtype of monsoonThat is, it records high temperatures throughout the year, with a short dry season and a mostly rainy season.

warmest temperatures They are present between August and September, when the temperature is around 40 degrees; In contrast, it was in January and December when Cold weather prevails.

Meanwhile, the month with More rain It is usually in June or October.

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How is the weather in the United States?

Occupying a vast amount of land, the United States boasts an enormous variety of climates, almost all of them.

On the eastern side of the United States Two large climates prevail: humid subtropical and humid continental.

In Northeast America The most common climate is wet mainland Which is characterized by rainfall throughout the year and turns into storms in the summer and snowfall throughout the winter.

In the southeastern United States prevailing weather humid subtropical Hot summers, cold winters and heavy rain.

From the American West SideThere are at least three major climates prevailing: semi-arid, arid and mediterranean.

Semi-arid climate, in its cold subtypecovers The most central part of the western and northern southern United StatesIt is characterized by less precipitation and lower temperatures.

In the southwestern United States is where he is Dry climate, in its cold and warm subtype. In the arid cold, the winter is freezing and the summer is mild, while in the hot drought, the summer records very high temperatures and in the winter the weather is mild. In both cases precipitation is scarce.

mediterranean climate score in Most coastal areas of the American West, from north to south It is characterized by its mild and rainy winters, and its dry and hot summer.

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