United States: Huawei wants to discuss its case with Washington on the sidelines of talks with Beijing

United States: Huawei wants to discuss its case with Washington on the sidelines of talks with Beijing

Madrid, 26 (Europe Press)

The Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei wants to discuss its status in the United States with the new administration of President Joe Biden, separately from the negotiations that Washington is conducting with Beijing over relations between the two powers, a company representative told the Nikkei newspaper. Asian Review ‘.

“We want to have a separate discussion from the Chinese government. We don’t want to be brought together in that discussion,” said Tim Danks, Vice President of Risk and Partner Relations at Huawei Technologies USA.

In this regard, the company, which has not yet reached out to the new management since Biden took office in January, has expressed confidence that discussions will start soon.

Danks added, “We believe the Huawei issue is a separate issue that should be taken up separately. If we can have this discussion, we can have practical solutions to the concerns of the US government and work together to find a way forward.”

In this sense, while the Chinese manufacturer does not see its complete withdrawal from the list of possible US entities in the short term, the CEO of the company has expressed Huawei’s desire to make “adjustments” in the situation that allows US suppliers of the Chinese giant to continue to sell it to Huawei.

“In the short term, selling in the United States is not a priority for Huawei. Our priority is the supply chain,” he said.

In early February, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei indicated his hope that the new US government would have a “more open” policy, something that would benefit the US economy and companies themselves, although he acknowledged the difficulty of getting the Chinese company out of List of US government entities.

“I wouldn’t say this is impossible, but it is very difficult, so, basically, we don’t have that prediction,” he told the South China Morning Post.

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