US and allied countries launch team to coordinate Russian oligarch expropriations | international | News

US and allied countries launch team to coordinate Russian oligarch expropriations |  international |  News

On Wednesday, the United States announced the formation of a working group with its allies in the European Union and other countries, with the goal of Coordination of the confiscation of the assets of the Russian oligarchs And trying to prosecute the evaders of sanctions imposed on Moscow.

At the launch of the Working Group of Russian Elites, Their Allies and Oligarchs (REPO), representatives USA, Germany, France, Italy, UK, European Commission, Australia, Canada and Japan.

Those responsible for this matter are the Ministers of Finance, Justice or the Interior of each country, who are Talk through the video With US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and US Attorney General Merrick Garland, according to an official statement.

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry Press S

The Multilateral Task Force will increase these costs (incurred by Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine), by Directing coordinated efforts to freeze and confiscate the assets of these individuals Yellen said in the statement.

The United States has already established its own internal working group for Investigate and prosecute those responsible And the Russian minority is violating its sanctions, and other countries, such as the United Kingdom, have launched similar initiatives.

The American domestic group consists of Experts in sanctions, money laundering, taxation and anti-corruptionIt could lead to the seizure of yachts, private jets or luxury apartments owned by those around the Kremlin.

The authorities of Spain, France or Italy have already halted the movement of many yachts and other properties in recent weeks They allegedly belong to Russian personalities affected by EU sanctionswhich provides for the freezing of all property and financial assets of those subject to the sanctions.

The new multilateral working group will seek to coordinate the implementation of all sanctions against Russia Helping other countries “identify and freeze assets in their jurisdictions”The US statement said.

Wednesday’s video conference participants also agreed to “preserve evidence and determine whether the assets are frozen or other property.” associated with sanctioned individuals or entities.

Finally, they discussed “ways to bring to justice those who facilitated the movement of sanctioned assets or other illicit funds,” according to the official memo. (me)

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