US Embassy makes recommendation on visa application | Economie

US Embassy makes recommendation on visa application |  Economie

Through a message on their social networks, The US Embassy, ​​based in Bogota, has recommended against resorting to intermediaries to request appointments in the visa application process.

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Remember: The Embassy does not recommend or endorse third parties or companies to provide appointments. We are the official source for your information about entry visas to the United States. indicates the message.

The recommendation is made in the face of some complaints about false promises from companies promising to speed up the process in the face of long waiting times for appointment approvals.

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Please note that l An authorization to obtain a visa in Colombia is necessary for applicants to request an appointment at the Embassy.

There your fingerprints and a digital photo of your biometric information will be taken.
Among the requirements to get your authorization, you will need a recent photo and you will have to complete the form DS-160 with your personal data.

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In most cases, people under the age of 14, adults over 80 and people who already have a permit of the same category that has expired in the past 48 months can apply for the U.S. authorization without the need for an interview and they will be Able to send or leave their documents directly at the embassy.


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