US intelligence report excludes the existence of unidentified flying objects الأجسام

US intelligence report excludes the existence of unidentified flying objects الأجسام

a US official report It was concluded that there was no evidence for this Unidentified flying objects existBut she realized it was It is difficult to explain mysterious phenomena It was observed by military pilots, various media reported.

The Armed Forces and Intelligence They found no evidence of that Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) According to the newspaper, military pilots spotted strange spacecraft. New York times and other means.

But the report also does not explain dozens of phenomena and accidents, Some of the pilots, so that the presence of aliens cannot be completely excluded.

Newspaper New York timesWhich quoted unidentified senior officials, the report said that the majority of some 120 incidents in the past 20 years have nothing to do with the unknown, US military secrets, or government technology.

Nor is it related to things like Search balloons This, for some, will be behind the reports.

Thus, the report does not explain, for example, what US Navy pilots saw when they photographed objects traveling at supersonic speeds, spinning and mysteriously disappearing.

Confusion about unidentified flying objects

how much pentagonal also qualified Unidentified Air Phenomena (UAP) It is a dangerous fact for US adversaries such as Russia or ChinaThey are probably using unknown and highly advanced monitoring techniques.

“We take all incursions into our areas of operation very seriously,” a Pentagon spokesman said Friday. John Kirby.

“They could have something to do with security or national security concerns”He said, referring to reports about the UAP.

Inquiry request last year and The result will be sent to Congress at the end of this month by the National Director of Intelligence..

The main report may be disclosed, but it will have attachments that will remain confidential.

The newspaper said that the report Washington Post, “will not make strong conclusions about what things (…) could be”.

Interest in the possibility of highly intelligent extraterrestrial life began after pentagonal They released videos last year in which pilots expressed their astonishment at unknown objects that were moving so fast.

Added to this are comments from senior officials who have access to intelligence reports, including Former President Barack Obama, A report on the program CBS 60 minutes The pilots were questioned about what they saw.

“The fact is (…) that there are movies and records of objects in the sky that we don’t know exactly what”Obama said on May 17 on PBS.

“Several scenes have been announced,” he said in March. Fox News John RatcliffeDirector of Intelligence for eight months in the state of Donald Trump.

“There are times when we don’t have good explanations for many of the things that have been seen,” he said.

Luis Elizondo, who worked on the investigation pentagonal About UAP Urging the disclosure of what is known, he said that much of what is seen points to a highly advanced technology unknown to humans.

‘If the information from New York times “That’s right, things pilots around the world see are far more advanced than any other ground technology known to our intelligence services,” Elizondo said on Twitter.

“Time to release the full report, videos, and statements of what we saw in pentagonalhe added.

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