US Visa: The Most Common Myths When It’s Processed

US Visa: The Most Common Myths When It’s Processed

The US visa It is one of the most requested documents by foreigners, as the idea of ​​​​traveling to American soil has become the dream of many. however, The moment of its treatment is one of the most important and sometimes it is a complex process, so there have always been all kinds of myths about it. Here is a list of facts to put an end to all the lies about visa for this country.

To enter the territory of North America, residence, citizenship or visa is required. (Unless you come from an exempt country). So if you intend to get the latter, you should be aware of all the risks and requirements that exist just to go through the application procedure. Don’t believe everything they say on the internetbecause this was a limitation for many people to refrain from addressing it.

The process of obtaining a US visa is usually long, but there are also many myths about itstock struggle

1. You must know English

Although English is the main language of the United States, You do not need to know your visa is accepted., even if you process it for business or any other purpose. What is important is to comply with the legal requirements, so the way to communicate if you are approved is your decision.

2. There is a limit on visas per day

There is no set number of visas that consuls can approve per day. This document can be issued and approved to anyone who applies for it, as long as they follow due process of law.

3. You must be rich

There are some people who think that the visa is only approved for foreigners with high purchasing power, but this is not the case. Officials assess the applicant’s reasons for travel and their source of income to avoid granting a visa to people who only want to go to work, but You don’t have to have millionaire accounts to be accepted in the US either..

4. The interview is complicated

An interview with the consulate or embassy official is one of the most complicated steps, as per the applicants’ perception. It’s the moment they get even more nervous because the myth is that it’s so hard. Nothing is further from reality.

Some consuls are usually strict, but it is enough that you answer their questions clearly. The embassy itself urges foreigners to fill out the entire application form so that the interviewer does not have any problems when asking questions, because it must be remembered that the questions will be based on the information in this form.

5. Invitation letter guaranteeing visa

There is no guarantee that anyone will obtain this document in a safe way. The signature of a relative on a letter of invitation to visit him is only something that can be paid for by the consul accepting you in his country, but not a guarantee.

Anyone can apply for a US visa
Anyone can apply for a US

6. You can be accompanied

Although this will be a relief to many people who are worried about going to the visa appointment, The Embassy has proven very well that escorts are not allowed to enter. Only the visa applicant can enter, and if he is a minor, he can go with one of his parents or guardian.

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