Video: A woman hits her stalking boss with a mop

Tired of being harassed by her boss, the woman hit him with a mop. Photo: Taken from the video.

I’m tired of sexual harassment from him President, a Women The one who works for the Chinese government decided to do justice to him and the alleged beating was severely Stalker, Who was repeatedly beaten b wiper.

According to newspapers like New York times, The Women In the question it was identified Cho, Who works for the government in the Northeast China. at the same time Alleged stalker Responds to the name Wang.

The Pictures It was posted by a popular local social network and taken up by other networks such as YoutubeAnd the The social networking site Facebook s Twitter. They show the Women, Visibly upset, confront Alleged stalker, Who defends himself arguing that the whole thing was a joke.

To say ChoHer boss is harassing her Sexually Across Text messages Not in tune, so she decided to hit him with wiper To view them through Social media s Media, Who followed up on the case immediately.

While it is unclear exactly when this happened, the Chinese media They point out that Women Already presented prof Police reportl last week, so accuse him President from sexual harassment And what are the results.

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