Video: Mom takes her daughter out of the club with belts ‘She didn’t ask for permission’ | News from Mexico

Colombia: In social networks, videos are created Widely They are the ones who present shocking or funny situations to users.

On this occasion, a video has become a trend in which a mother pulls her daughter out of the club, but the way she did it caused users to be surprised that she did it with a belt and hit her.

You can see in the video how the young woman was very happy to sing in the place, but suddenly her angry mother arrived and pulled her out with belts, because supposedly I didn’t ask to go to the party.

The young woman can be seen walking to leave the place and her mother closely follows her behind her The angry hit him with the belt.

The aggressiveness of the mother aroused a lot of controversy, for some of her actions were excessive and considered unnecessary, so in addition to physically punishing them, they could now make fun of her. Some praised more “steady hand” They thought this would teach him to respect his mother’s orders.

How do you deal with permissions at home?

Permits should be granted gradually, to the extent that children demonstrate that they are able to meet the demands and responsibilities required of them. Likewise, it must be negotiated so that both parents and children agree on the agreement.

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