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Through social media, it has become Widely The story of Andrea Ferrero, a young woman from Venezuela who traveled to United State To study music and came to work with the famous actor Adam Sandler.

“I think a few years ago I was in my room in Caracas watching his films… Would you believe me if I told you that the person accompanying me in the picture is my boss?”The girl wrote via her Twitter account @Andreafguitar.

As he said, his profession has always been in music. From a young age he participated in various groups as a guitarist. However, he knew that dedicating himself to music in Caracas, Venezuela, is rather complicated.

For this reason, he set himself from a young age a goal to continue his musical studies abroad. This is how I suggest entering Berkeley, one of the oldest music schools in the world.

Although there were issues during the test, such as her internet connection speed, Andrea was able to apply to the Foundation. Months passed, and, unexpectedly, The school offered him a scholarship for his studies.


However, she didn’t have the money to pay for travel and lodging, so she started a GoFundMe campaign and got the support of friends and family. In this way he was able to travel to Boston, where he spent years studying.

The experience of studying at Berkeley has not been without its challenges. Due to lack of resources, he had to share a bedroom with other people. The building he was living in was burned down.

Shortly before graduating from Berkeley, Andrea met Adam Sandler, who was shooting a movie in Salem, near Boston. Since the actor is a fan of music, they became friends and wrote to each other frequently.

After making a great friendship, The young woman traveled to Los Angeles to train in the actor’s production company.

Finally, shortly after completing her internship, Andrea Ferrero moved to California to work on the entire sound and music process for the Sandler films, supporting the authors and sound engineers.

Users of social networking sites congratulated the young woman for her dedication and effort in achieving her goals. His story has so far garnered more than 240,000 likes.

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