VIRAL TIKTOK: A guy from France reveals why they became a couple back home on the first date | News from Mexico

Through Social media Thousands of stories that users usually tell, from love relationships and betrayals, among other topics that usually attract users’ attention.

Many users are aware when they usually go on a trip to other countries, the different cultural customs that exist in the place, It was specifically a young woman of French origin who, through her account on TikTok, spoke about what relationships were like in that country.

In the joint registration by User @sissi_francesa announced that when he loves someone, he first gets engaged and then starts going out to get to know each otherUnlike what other countries do.

In the various videos posted by the French woman, she revealed that when she met the Argentine she was surprised, with all the differences in habits that she realized they had, and that is why she wanted to speak out.

The video has currently garnered more than two million views and hundreds of user reactions:
The French who have been married for 50 years: “Well, are we playing questions?” , ‘Going to France’ ‘So we’re already dating, we just need to get to know each other’ ‘I’m not very, I was just born on the wrong continent’ Some of the readable ones.

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