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There was a fierce debate on air between TV presenter Laura Ingraham and political commentator Raymond Arroyo, after the Fox News presenter did not understand that her guest was criticizing the series. ‘You are’ Netflix, not her.

It happens that the lawyer and journalist do not know the famous production of the broadcasting platform, its name means “you” in Spanish. So, when the speaker criticized a particular episode of the show, the presenter thought Arroyo was referring to his show, “Ingraham Angel.”

Exactly what the guest said is: “I was watching an episode of ‘You’ where they called it measles.”. In English, this can be understood as “I was watching an episode of you where they called it measles.”.

The host thought her guest was criticizing her show, but he was talking about ‘You’ on Netflix

Hearing his words, Ingraham was confused and asked the commentator why he said that. Although Arroyo tried to explain that he was referring to the series, the journalist did not understand the situation and instead insulted her guest, calling him “stupid”.

After several seconds of attacks, the commentator had no choice but to surrender. “I can’t explain this to you.”He said, to change the subject shortly.

The moment has become a sensation on social networks, the record of the incident collects millions of copies.

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