Warning cry! Giant panda gives birth to twins. So take care of them

Warning cry!  Giant panda gives birth to twins.  So take care of them

a panda giant gave birth to twins in ChinaAnd the It is an unusual birth due to the conditions of extinction of species, which were protected in captivity where they were able to form and develop in natural habitat New cub members.

What do you know about the birth of Chinese giant panda twins?

a A giant panda named Yongyong She is a happy mother, having given birth to twins on Thursday at a breeding center or base in Northwest Province Shaanxi China.

The male pups weighed 150.4 grams and 134.5 grams, respectively, when they were born at the center investigating in panda giant qinling. They were breastfed shortly after their birth and are doing well today.

Giant panda Jung Young made history again within the complex, this is the second birth of one of her cubs, who was also born in the same month with her siblings, On August 17, 2020.

Yongyoung was already a panda The smallest in the center gives birth, and now she is the only one who has been able to give birth to more than one calf.

How do you take care of a giant panda?

Qinling giant panda It is a subspecies of the giant panda that was first recognized in 2005. It has a smaller, rounder skull, shorter snout, and less fur than the more common Sichuan subspecies.

Giant panda gives birth to twins in China. Photo: AFP

Shaanxi began to multiply Qinling giant panda artificially in the 1980s and established a mature system of artificial breeding technology. So far, a total of 34 puppies Giant panda.

The center is responsible for protect and save But above all to protect and secure the species.

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