Was it your last match as a couple? The Williams Sisters Legacy

Was it your last match as a couple?  The Williams Sisters Legacy

Serena Williams and Venus Williams in their last match as a doubles at the US Open.


The careers of Serena Williams and her sister Venus have been and will remain unforgettable. Historically in the singles, where they won whatever they wanted, the Americans also dominated doubles tennis, a rare strength in white sports.

The Williams sisters got their start in tennis by training together, under the guidance of their father Richard Williams, opposing racial segregation in America and playing on a public court in the neighborhood where they grew up as children.

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They knew each other by heart. Scores, pitch dance, bat, looks, intent, times and ambitions. They were perfect in tennis. one to the other. That is why both of them fulfilled the schemes of their father, who always planned for them to reach greatness.

How many titles have Serena and Venus Williams won?

In singles, offers overflow on Williams. Serena, the most successful woman in history, has 73 WTA singles titles, 23 of which are in the Grand Slam. Meanwhile, Venus has 49, seven major championships.

However, the sisters’ record, together, is much greater. In doubles, counting the Olympics, between the two they won 22 titles.

His first Grand Slam title came at Roland Garros on May 24, 1999. In the United States, the crown came just a few months later, on August 30.

The Williams brand is ridiculous and unprecedented. It is unprecedented. Two sisters who revolutionized the sport of tennis, breaking models and creating a place for women of African descent in the world that did not exist before.

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Serena Williams, end of an era

Following her decision to withdraw, despite the fact that she did not specify a tournament or date, there was much speculation that the US Open would be Serena Williams’ last major tournament.

At the moment, the end has not yet come. At least in the singles, where the youngest of the sisters is still in the race and is already in the third round.

In doubles, last September 1 marked the end of the doubles era. Perhaps, because we don’t know for sure, the last match between Venus and Serena Williams together on a tennis court. A pure history of the sport of two icons that changed the pre-set parameters.

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