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Based on the premise of “a lot of people quit in 2021”, Google conducted an investigation to determine what people who left their jobs did? What jobs have interest you, what training programs have you taken? “We look at search indicators to get an idea,” explained Jennifer Kotz, Google Indicators Expert.

The results of the study were published on the company’s blog. Research trends have also revealed what jobs people are currently interested in. “To find out, we looked at jobs people were looking for along with the phrase ‘how to become,'” Kotz said, adding that they found that “people are more interested in jobs that involve helping others, traveling and working in real estate.” . “

The research also revealed that in the United States, people in the South and Midwest were interested in becoming a notary, electrician, or pilot. By contrast, large parts of the Northeast, upper Midwest, and western parts of the country have sought real estate jobs.

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Most wanted jobs in the United States


  • Average salary: $51,220.


  • Average salary: $59.050.


  • Average salary: $37,000.


  • Average salary: $47,576.


  • Average salary: $130,440.


  • Average salary: $52,500.

personal trainer

  • Average salary: $40,510.


  • Average salary: $208 thousand.


  • Average salary: $91,010.


  • Average salary: $56,900.

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