The ITV quiz show The Chase has been a staple for television enthusiasts, offering a blend of suspense, knowledge, and entertainment.

Among the quizzers or chasers, Jenny Ryan, fondly known as The Vixen, stands out not only for her fiery red hair and sharp wit but also for her recent intriguing announcements.

But who is Jenny Ryan, and why has she captured the attention of fans worldwide?

Who is Jenny Ryan?

Jenny Ryan is a renowned British quizzer and television personality who shot to fame as one of the formidable chasers on the ITV quiz show The Chase.

With her distinct red hair, freckles, and impeccable quizzing prowess, she quickly earned the nickname The Vixen.

Beyond the quiz desk, Ryan is also recognized for her musical talents, having showcased them in various television appearances. Her recent Instagram post and subsequent public appearances have, however, ignited widespread speculation about her future on The Chase.

What Happened to Jenny Ryan?

The recent buzz around Jenny Ryan began when she shared a post on her Instagram, featuring a collage with her fellow chasers and the show’s host, Bradley Walsh.

Accompanied by a message urging fans to vote for the National Television Awards (NTAs), this post also hinted at a last day, leading to rampant speculation.

Further fanning the flames of curiosity, Jenny’s appearance on Good Morning Britain showcased the rigorous preparations that she and other chasers undergo.

Describing their approach as akin to training for a professional sport, she highlighted the constant need for them to stay updated with current events and a vast array of subjects.

Is Jenny Ryan Leaving the Chase?

While the last day reference in her Instagram post did spark concerns, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about Jenny Ryan departing The Chase.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans and viewers from speculating and expressing their admiration and support for The Vixen.

Following her Instagram post, Jenny announced her upcoming event, Jenny Ryan Presents: The Choose Love Variety Show, scheduled at the Clapham Grand.

Organized in celebration of her 40th birthday, this cabaret concert will support the refugee charity, Choose Love, further showcasing Jenny’s multifaceted talents and her generous spirit.

Jenny Ryan Early Life & Career

Jenny Alexis Ryan was born on April 2nd, 1982, in Bolton, England. From a young age, her affinity for quizzing was evident.

Her television debut came in 2003 when she appeared on University Challenge, representing the University of Leeds.

The team’s commendable run to the semi-finals was significantly bolstered by Jenny’s impressive performance.

But her quizzing journey didn’t stop there. Over the years, Jenny graced various quiz shows, including Mastermind in 2006, where she chose Buffy the Vampire Slayer as her specialist subject.

Her skills also led her to be part of the winning team, The Gamblers, on Only Connect in 2010.

Before her on-screen debut on The Chase in 2015, Jenny had been associated with the show in a behind-the-scenes role. In 2009, she crafted questions for its pilot episode.

It was fellow chaser Anne Hegerty who recommended Jenny to the show’s producers, a decision that fans are eternally grateful for.

Outside of quizzing, Jenny’s career has seen her don various hats. Her culinary skills were on display in Celebrity MasterChef, and she later dazzled audiences with her vocal prowess on The X Factor: Celebrity.


Jenny Ryan, with her unmatched intellect and diverse talents, has etched an indelible mark in the entertainment world, particularly in the quizzing realm.

While speculations about her future with The Chase continue, one thing remains certain: wherever Jenny goes, she is bound to shine.

Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her penchant for giving back to society, ensures that she will remain a beloved figure, both on and off the screen.

Fans worldwide await further announcements, hoping that The Vixen continues to regale them with her presence on “The Chase for many more episodes to come.

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