What is a player, the mascot of Qatar 2022 and what does it represent?

a pet FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 He is player, in Arabic, as it is customary to communicate according to the organizing country. It’s an animated character that looks like A turbana typical element of Qatari culture.

In the official show, he is seen wandering around several cities and meeting pets from other worlds.

what does it mean? His name is associated with “liberation” and has been praised on social media.

In the video introducing himself, he said:My name is saliva and welcome to verse petsHe continues: “This has existed since the beginning of time. This is where the magic happens.” The man who accompanies him asks, “If you were from the beginning, why didn’t you show up until now?”

“We’ve been trying to get close to you for a long time,” Lapp told him. “Aliens, Area 51, Bigfoot…you misunderstood our visits,” he adds. and finish: “But let’s make this time different.”

In that “pet verse” appear Juanito, from Mexico 70; Naranjito from Spain 82; gauchito argentina 78; Good-bye, from Italy 90; striker, from US 94; rooster Photex from France 98; the lion Scoringfrom Germany 2006, and Folikofrom Brazil 2014.

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