What is the population of Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the European Union?


The relationship between Russia and the West has become very tense in recent months. While US and EU leaders accuse Russia of preparing to invade Ukraine, the country is led by Vladimir Putin considers the United States “artificially inflating hysteria”according to Yuri UshakoviAdviser to the Russian President on International Affairs. What is more, Russia considers that NATO is taking advantage of the current situation to “arm” and finance the renewal of the Ukrainian army.

For his part, Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, declared February 16 a day of unity in Ukraine in response to certain information that spoke of a possible beginning of a Russian invasion of the country. In fact, at the moment, it did not happen.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of units from the western and southern Russian military regions. The gesture comes after intense talks at the highest diplomatic level involving a measure of relaxation in relations between the West and the Russian Federation. however, Russia considers security guarantees in its demands insufficient To the west and NATO showed Caution in the withdrawal of part of the Russian forces from the border areas. But what is the population of each of these international destinations?

What is the population of Russia and how many inhabitants?

According to the Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX), the total population of the Russian Federation is 145.9 million people, with a significantly higher proportion of women than men (54% and 46%, respectively). It is the largest country in the world with an area of ​​1,7125,191 square kilometres. The population density is very low, only 8.46 people per square kilometer.

What is the population of Ukraine and how many inhabitants?

Despite being the largest country in Europe after the Russian Federation, The population of Ukraine is just under 42 millionAnd Without taking into account the inhabitants of the Crimeaaccording to data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

What is the population of the European Union and how many people?

as Data from the official website of the European UnionIt covers an area of ​​4 million square kilometers and has a population 447.7 million people. In terms of area, France is the largest country in the European Union and Malta is the smallest. It is worth noting that the population until 2019 was just over 500 million but after leaving the UK the population has fallen to the current figures.

What is the population of the United States and how many inhabitants?

According to data from world bankAnd United State It has a population of 329.8 million and an area of ​​9,831,510 square kilometers. It is one of the most populous countries in the world, with a population of 34 population per square kilometer.

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