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If you are one of those who use For everything then you must read this. The app brings a series of new features such as messages that self-destruct within a week if your friends don’t see them, as well as photos and videos that disappear once opened by your closest contacts.

But emojis have also been added. In the latest version of It is possible to access a catalog of 500 symbols from different sides, many of them with a certain meaning that makes you want to know.

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This is the case of the small nose. Has anyone sent it to you before? Do you know what he wants to tell you? Well, here we will get you out of all possible doubts to avoid confusing you.

Often this emoji is associated with lying. To know the exact meaning of all icons It is necessary to refer to the encyclopedia of all symbols added by Unicode.

What does Narizona’s facial expression mean in WhatsApp?

In order to never make a mistake when using the nose face emoji We will turn to him , page responsible for explaining in detail each code that is added to the messaging service.

According to the source, the emoji is named in the reference lying face, in English, and indicates that someone is lying the way Pinocchio. Like this character, the Facebook design features a wooden nose.

Find out what the nose face means on WhatsApp and when to use it. (Photo: mag)

Lying, lying, and other concepts of deception and dishonesty can be represented in varying degrees of severity. It is sometimes used to express disbelief or feelings of shame.

lying face Approved as part of In 2016 and in addition to in 2016.

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