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It is an application where you can send any kind of thing: from classic texts to memes that will appeal and encourage many users. But not only that, the app has also enabled the function to activate the photos and videos that disappear as soon as they are seen by all your contacts.

In the coming weeks It will also enable new tools such as the ability for messages to disappear within 24 hours, 7 days or 3 months if they are not seen or read by your friends. Did you know? Although this functionality is in beta at the moment.

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But there is another detail present on the platform that catches the attention of users: these are the emojis that cause a lot of boon to those who use the app on a daily basis.

Among them we find classic yellow faces, objects and animals, fruits and vegetables, professions, geometric shapes and hearts of various shades. Do you know what the boy in the blue shirt emoji mean ? Here we explain it to you.

What does the emoji of the boy in the blue shirt mean on WhatsApp?

Many are starting to investigate what the boy in the blue shirt emoji is . While his clothing changes depending on which platform you use it on, its meaning is almost the same.

In order to know for sure and avoid making a mistake in WhatsApp, it is necessary to turn to the page , which is responsible for explaining all the symbols that are added by Unicode each year.

Find out what the emoji of the boy in the blue shirt mean in WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)

In the case of the boy in the blue shirt, or as it is known in English as Man Bowing, it represents one who prays and even bows to a divine person. Did you know?

man bending added to In 2016 and as we told you, his shirt can be changeable, and it can be represented in WhatsApp in purple and blue on some occasions.

Do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, write to their contact email: s[email protected] or [email protected].

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