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It continues to add new features in voice messages at the request of millions of users around the world, for example: double speed audio playback, pre-listening and listening outside chat, waveforms, etc. However, the aforementioned moment the messaging app still does not It has a function that allows you to shift your voice from high pitched to low or vice versa, something Depor will show you below. Take note.

As we said before, sound distortion is not a native tool of It is not even available in unofficial versions like WhatsApp Plus, GB, Fouad, etc., but there are a variety of applications that will help you improve your voice by giving it a higher or lower pitch, so you can improve your voice. Vote or have fun and joke with your friends or family.

How to send audio files via WhatsApp loud or strong

  • First, check it out The WhatsApp You have no pending updates in the Google Play Store. In the same App Store, also download “super sound‘, you can get it quickly by clicking .
  • Now, record a voice in the recording app that comes by default on the smartphone.
  • The next step is to open SuperSound and give it all the necessary permissions for it to work normally.
  • The app will ask you to select an audio file stored in your mobile library, and choose the audio you just recorded.
  • Three sliders will appear, locate yourself in the control called “Tone”, and do not touch the others.
  • Move it to the left if you want your voice to be lower, or to the right if you want it to be louder.
  • If you’re going to make a joke, you can slide the control over 1.5, otherwise if you just want to improve the tone of your voice, don’t go over that amount.
  • Click “Change” > listen to the result > and click “Save”.
  • Next, enter the “My Sound” section of SuperSound and the MP3 will be generated.
  • Finally, click on the three vertical dots icon next to the audio and click on “Share” > choose The WhatsApp and send it to the contact or group chat of your choice.

How to save data on WhatsApp when making a call or video call

  • Sign in to The WhatsApp.
  • From there, go to the app’s “Settings” by touching the three vertical dots icon.
  • Click where “Storage and Data” appears.
  • In the Network section, you will see a tab called “Use less data for calls”.
  • When you activate it you can make the calls you want.
  • This will prevent the bulky package from draining too quickly, and is very useful when you already have a few megabytes or gigabytes.
  • It is most recommended that you only make calls or video calls when you are connected to WiFi, otherwise only use the traditional connection.

What is the small hole on the top of the ANDROID phone

  • some stations Android It also has another hole at the top and is very similar to the one below. What is this? You are definitely wondering.
  • Well, it is also another microphone and the peculiarity of this second slot is that it is responsible for reducing or canceling noise from outside or from your environment.
  • In this way, your calls will be more clear and you will not hear, for example, what is happening in construction, traffic, etc.

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