WhatsApp | He knows the meaning of the strange face emoji with big eyebrows, glasses and mustaches | SPORTS-PLAY

WhatsApp |  He knows the meaning of the strange face emoji with big eyebrows, glasses and mustaches |  SPORTS-PLAY

If you want your conversations to be dynamic so that the other person doesn’t get bored, we recommend accompanying your messages with classic emoticons for These icons convey all kinds of feelings like: love, hate, happiness, sadness, etc. Likewise, you can share them to replace a phrase you don’t want to type or represent something specific. This time we will explain the meaning of the emoji known as “face with glasses and mustache”, do you know when to use it?

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When we talk about emojis, we automatically think of traditional yellow faces that show different expressions, however, It stores more than three thousand icons, which fall into the following categories: emojis, people, animals, nature, food and drinks, activities, trips, places, things, symbols, and finally, flags. In the first section we just mentioned, the “face with glasses and mustache” emoji is placed.

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What is the meaning of emoji

Created and approved by Unicode in 2020, they called it ‘Face in Disguise’, and appears in yellow, wearing big glasses, with a huge nose, eyebrows and mustaches. It was designed based on a “groucho mask” or “groucho glasses,” similar to the 1930’s cartoon “The Marx Brothers,” reportedly. .

When is it used? You can share the Masked Face when you want to represent a masked person; “Innocents’ Day”, which is celebrated on December 28 every year; And on October 31, on “Halloween” or “Halloween”. Also, it is common to see “groucho mugs” in any joke shop since the 1940s.

Emojis are also known

  • masked face.
  • Face with glasses and mustaches.
  • Face with fake glasses and mustaches.
  • Mr. with glasses and mustaches.
The design of the icons varies depending on the operating system, mobile device or social network (Image: Emojipedia)

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