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do you use For everyone? Many people like to use the messaging app because, at the push of a button, it provides them with a series of functions such as calling, making video calls, and other types of details. But others would love to have them .

Modified app It is updated from time to time. The goal is to ban your account, as well as to get improvements. Do you know how to get the latest August 2022 version without ads? Here we tell you.

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  • The first thing would be to uninstall the normal WhatsApp from your Android terminal.
  • When you are done, just download WhatsApp Plus APK without ads.
  • For the latest version you can use this .
  • When you download the APK just install it.
Do you want to know why you should always update WhatsApp Plus? tell you. (Photo: Debor – Rommel Yupanke)
  • Remember that if you get an error message, you have to go to settings and apps and make sure that there is no file named WhatsApp.
  • Enter your number, verification code and name. With this you will have WhatsApp Plus without any advertisement.
  • Remember that it will depend on each user if they want to use WhatsApp Plus even though they are getting banned.

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

  • Download the app called WARM from Google Play.
  • If you can’t find it, here we leave you a file .
  • It should be noted that this program is completely free and does not charge a fee for the number of messages retrieved.
  • When you download it, give it all the appropriate permissions to access your notifications.
  • At that moment, if your friend decides to delete a message for everyone on WhatsApp, the WARM app will work by itself.
  • If this happens, just enter the respective app and you will be able to read that deleted message to everyone on WhatsApp.
  • There you’ll see exactly what that message said, even if it’s a photo or video and even a GIF or an animated sticker.

The words you should never use on WhatsApp

  • The first is that WhatsApp punishes all kinds of people who use the platform to send spam, but not only that, but also share malicious content or files to mobile phones.
  • It also imposes penalties on those who expose something in an obscene way, even if they discriminate or harass people.
  • But the words you should never use in WhatsApp are: pedophilia and pornography.
  • If you put one of these terms in a WhatsApp group, not only the person who created the group will be affected, but all its members will be affected.
  • Given that, the app belonging to Meta can penalize your account either by suspending every hour or permanently.

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