When and where is the next F1 race? This is the next Grand Prix for Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz

When and where is the next F1 race?  This is the next Grand Prix for Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz

he Azerbaijan Grand Prixthe first in the new Sprint format, ended in a win Sergio Perez Both in the sprint and the long race, though, the weekend was marked by the mayhem that occurred on and off the track throughout the three days.

The Mexican leaves Paco with practically the maximum number of points, where He’s got both victories Only the fastest lap of the race escaped him. Of course, leadership still owns it Max Verstappen With a difference of only six points, which is the lowest distance because if Perez repeats the result in the next race, he will be the new leader of the world championship.

On the other hand, the current world champion had a tough weekend. He missed both pole positions and the sprint was a disaster. king Touch with Russell That left some damage on his body Red Bull This only allowed him to be in third place. In the regular race, the safety car took away part of his chances of winning, then his pace wasn’t good enough to catch Perez.

He showed signs of life again in Baku Charles Locklear. After two zeros and a conservative race in Saudi Arabia, it was time to clear himself and he did. He was the fastest in both positions, but he was the fastest Ferrari Still much lower in the race. He smashed a second-place finish and a third-place finish in the race to get back to his winning ways.

Carlos Sainz He had many problems. He never found confidence or feeling on the streets of Baku and struggled all weekend. On Saturday, he took fifth place after Controversy with Alonsobut they ended up giving up amicably the topic. In the regular race he finished another fifth, but in both races far behind Leclerc.

Fernando Alonso He also had a tough weekend. The Spaniard had problems opening the DRS, but these were fixed for the races. With the bad ratings, it’s time to go back. On Saturday he gave only sixth place, but on Sunday he gave exhibition with great Sainz passedVery good, professional management even give advice to each other Lance Picnic and finish fourth.

Mercedes I took a step back in Azerbaijan. After a brilliant run in Australia, the Germans disappeared from the map in Baku. George Russell He signed a good fourth in the race, but on Sunday he could have only been eighth, which is a bit worse than the Lewis Hamiltonwho was the sixth.

Of course, it was the worst weekend yet Alps. The French arrived on the promise that they would fight for second place in the Constructors, but they weren’t even close by chance. Pierre Gasly It ended up on the wall and the car burned out on the first day. Esteban Ocon He was so uncomfortable in the car that he decided to penalize him for making changes to the car and they both ended up out of the points. To top it off, Ocon He almost took several photographers with him In an image never seen before in Formula 1.

Where and when will the next race take place?

The next date on the calendar is Miami Grand Prixin the United States, to be held at Sunday 7 May in 9:30 pm. Peninsula time, in the urban circuit Miami.

Last year the victory there went to Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc second and Carlos Sainz third.

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