When will I be able to see the Matrix 4 on Netflix?


Matrix 4 has had a mixed reception among fans of the franchise, and the comments are varied as there are people who were drawn to the 4th edition and others who really waited a little more. While, The Matrix: Resurrections It premiered on HBO Max, before any other platform, many movie fans are waiting for its arrival flow to enjoy it.

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Although by the end of January it is expected to arrive in Mexico by HBO Max, in a United State The movie is already available from the opening day, i.e. from December 22, 2021 in the United States Through HBO Max, the fourth installment of The Matrix can be enjoyed. Meanwhile, consumers have many questions about whether the matrix will reach Netflix Or other platforms, here are some possible answers.

When will I be able to see the Matrix 4 on Netflix?

You should know that the first platform that will transmit the film will be HBO Max The reasons are very simple, The Matrix is ​​a major distributor film is Warner Bros. picturesTherefore, the main benefit to broadcasting and marketing belongs to Warner, who owns HBO Max.

For this reason, due to rights agreements, submission will be first on this platform. However, many have wondered if it will come to Netflix soon as it does not have the HBO subscription service.

Netflix reacted to the movie’s premiere despite the fact that it’s a competing movie, so all kinds of theories have surfaced, but very little is known about its transfer on that service, as reports haven’t surfaced. commercial agreements Of the platforms related to the transfer of the film.

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For now, the only thing that’s certain for fans of the franchise is that they’ll be able to enjoy the movie through it HBO Max Or in theaters before its release, but the possibility that the Matrix 4 will be added to the Netflix catalog in the coming months, once the rights are approved, is not ruled out, as has already happened with John Wick Also starring Keanu Reeves.

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