Who is Kortney Wilson Dating Now? Finding the Past and Present Releationship


Kortney Wilson, born as Kortney Galerno in 1979, is a household name in Canada and beyond. Known for her talents in singing, real estate, and as a reality television personality, her life has been of keen interest to many. She has built a robust career spanning several fields, but what seems to pique people’s curiosity the most is her personal life, particularly her relationships.

Kortney Wilson’s rise to fame began when she appeared on the CMT Canada reality show Meet the Wilsons. As a professional designer and television presenter, she has been active in the industry since 2001. However, it isn’t just her career that’s been in the limelight. Her love life, especially her relationship with Ryan Vella and her previous marriage to Dave Wilson, has also been a topic of public interest.

 Kortney and Dave relationship


Before Ryan came into the picture, Kortney was married to Dave Wilson, an American actor, and director. They had been a couple for nearly 18 years, sharing their life and love on various TV shows in Canada and the U.S, most notably the HGTV series Masters of Flip.

They started their journey together in the early 2000s. Both were pursuing their musical passions when they met through a mutual friend in Nashville. Their connection was instantaneous and resulted in Dave relocating from London to Nashville.

Their relationship bloomed further, culminating in marriage in 2001. Subsequently, they ventured into real estate, buying, flipping, and selling homes. With Kortney’s real estate license and Dave’s directorial skills, they built a formidable brand as The Wilsons.

Life blessed them with two biological children, Jett and Sully, and an adopted daughter, Lennox, in 2009. But in December 2019, their seemingly perfect life came to a pause when they announced their divorce.

They chose to respect the sanctity of their relationship by keeping the reasons for their separation private. Their official statement highlighted their love and respect for each other, marking the end of a long-standing relationship.

Who is Kortney Wilson Dating Now?


Life after Dave saw Kortney embracing solitude until she decided to venture into the dating scene again. Fatefully, she crossed paths with Ryan Vella on Match.com while living in Toronto. Despite receiving over 200 messages on her pseudonymous profile, Ryan’s profile captured her interest, leading to their first date.

Ryan, who isn’t a public figure or active on social media, seemingly found his way into Kortney’s heart. Their relationship started gaining public attention when Kortney shared a photo of them on Instagram on August 8, 2021. Further posts followed, painting a picture of their growing romance.

Ryan, a reported race car driver, connected with Kortney on a deep level. On March 17, 2022, Kortney announced their engagement on Instagram, expressing gratitude to Ryan for loving her. This signaled a fresh start in her love life.

An Insight into Kortney’s Life

Beyond her relationship with Ryan and her past with Dave, Kortney is a mother, singer, and a cleanliness enthusiast. Her love for her children is evident in her life choices. Despite her busy schedule, she has home-schooled her kids, prioritizing their well-being and education.

She also enjoys singing, now more than ever since it’s no longer her profession. From belting out Adele songs at karaoke to enjoying late-night snacks like barbecue chips and pecan pie, Kortney’s life is a blend of the simple pleasures.

In between her relationship journey and her career milestones, Kortney has made space for self-reflection and reconnection. She and Dave have a unique tradition of renewing their vows, having done so four times.

Kortney has authored a book with Dave called Live Happy. Published in 2019, the book shares ideas on how to creatively infuse joy into one’s life and home inexpensively.

Currently, Kortney and Dave co-host a new show, Making It Home With Kortney & Dave. The show helps homeowners achieve their renovation goals, teaching new skills and introducing bold designs.

Life before Fame: The Early Years

Kortney Galerno was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. While Kortney is now recognized for her successes in real estate and television, she actually started her career in the entertainment industry at a very young age. At the tender age of 14, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her dreams in music. There, she navigated the country music scene and even signed a developmental deal with Lyric Street Records, a Disney-owned label, a testament to her musical talent.

Her Journey in Music and Acting

Kortney’s early career in the entertainment industry was not confined to music alone. She made her way to Hollywood and landed roles in several soap operas and sitcoms, including “Power Play,” “Jake 2.0,” and “One Life to Live.” Additionally, she was a part of a CMT Canada reality show, “Meet the Wilsons,” alongside her then-husband, Dave Wilson.

Her music career saw her opening for renowned artists such as Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, and Phil Vassar. It’s also worth noting that Kortney sang back-up for Loretta Lynn, showing the breadth and depth of her talent in the music industry.

From Entertainment to Real Estate

As Kortney and Dave’s interests expanded beyond music, they discovered a shared passion for real estate. What started as a side project quickly turned into a full-fledged career. Kortney used her innate design sense and business acumen to flip houses, while Dave leveraged his hands-on approach and renovation skills. They began to make a name for themselves in the real estate industry, culminating in the creation of their HGTV series “Masters of Flip.”

A Role Model for Women

Kortney has always been an inspiration for many women, especially those trying to juggle various roles in life. After her divorce, she became an even more potent symbol of resilience and strength. She didn’t allow the end of her marriage to deter her from pursuing her passions or affect her dedication to her children.

Throughout her journey, Kortney has shown that it’s possible to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with an ex-spouse, as evident in her relationship with Dave. Their joint project, “Making it Home With Kortney and Dave,” proves that they’ve managed to maintain a good professional relationship despite their personal differences.

Her Impact on Design and Real Estate

Kortney’s influence extends to the world of design and real estate, as she’s known for her unique aesthetic sense and practical approach to property renovation. Her designs balance functionality with elegance, bringing in comfort and style. The show “Masters of Flip” propelled her into the spotlight, turning her into a respected figure in the interior design and real estate industries.

Through her work, Kortney inspires many homeowners to explore their creative side and make their homes a reflection of their personality. This success story goes beyond mere entertainment; it’s about transforming the mundane into something magical.


Kortney Wilson, a multi-talented public figure, has lived a fascinating life filled with both personal and professional milestones. Her relationships, particularly with Dave Wilson and Ryan Vella, have been a key part of her journey. She has navigated the complexities of a public divorce and a fresh start with grace and resilience, continuously forging a path of success in her career and personal life. As she moves forward with Ryan, her fans continue to cheer her on, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in her life.

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