Does Willie Edwards Has Married? Who is Willie Edwards Wife?


Willie Edwards, an alligator hunter by profession and a reality television star, lives his life on the edge as he navigates through the perilous landscape of the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana.

A fan favorite on the hit show Swamp People, Edwards has captured the audience’s fascination with his adventurous lifestyle, survival skills, and his down-to-earth persona. This article delves deep into his life, exploring his biography, personal life, health, and marriage.

Willie Edwards’ Biography

Born and raised in the heart of Louisiana, Willie Edwards learned to hunt alligators from his father, Junior Edwards, also a well-known hunter. The native of Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana, spent most of his childhood navigating the Atchafalaya River Basin and learned the nitty-gritty of alligator hunting.

His knack for hunting these apex predators, combined with his intriguing persona, earned him a spot in the reality television show Swamp People. The show, which first aired in 2010, has been a major hit and has significantly contributed to Edwards’ fame and recognition.

Willie Edwards’ Personal Life

Away from the limelight and the danger of the swamp, Edwards leads a relatively private life. He is not very active on social media platforms, but the few posts he shares are mostly about his family, reflecting his deep connection with them. Despite his rugged exterior, Edwards is a devoted family man, passionate about his loved ones.

Is Willie Edwards Married for Over Two Decades?

Willie Edwards tied the knot with Sherrie Bonin Edwards on August 20, 2000. The couple’s journey together has spanned over two decades, marked by their mutual love and respect for each other. Sherrie often takes to Facebook to express her deep affection for Willie, sharing cherished moments and memories that have defined their union.

On their 20th wedding anniversary, Sherrie posted a heartfelt message on Facebook along with a photo from their wedding day. She wrote, 20 years ago today, I married my best friend, my life partner, my husband. My love for you grows every day. I couldn’t have chosen a better man to spend my life with.

Even though Willie is not as active on social media as Sherrie, his few posts often feature images of his beloved wife. This suggests that, despite the tough exterior he presents on the show, Willie is a dedicated husband deeply in love with his wife.

Their marriage, however, has not been without challenges. The couple had to face the devastating loss of their daughter, which undoubtedly put their relationship to the test. However, they stood together during this heartbreaking time, their bond growing stronger in the face of adversity.

Together, they are parents to two sons, William IV (Lil Willie) and Landon, who are often featured on Sherrie’s social media. The boys appear to be following in their father’s footsteps, embracing the adventurous lifestyle of the swamp, with the elder son even making an appearance on Swamp People.

Willie Edwards, who lives a life filled with danger and excitement, enjoys a serene and stable marital relationship off-camera. His over two-decade-long marriage to Sherrie is a testament to their unwavering love and commitment to each other. This aspect of his life gives us a glimpse into the alligator hunter’s softer side, revealing a devoted husband and loving father behind the daring swamp man.

Did Willie Edwards Have Cancer?

While there have been rumors circulating about Willie Edwards’ health, there’s no confirmed report or reliable source stating that Edwards has been diagnosed with cancer.

In the absence of official information, any claims about Edwards having cancer are merely speculative. Fans are advised to respect the privacy of Edwards and his family, especially concerning sensitive topics like health.

Who is Willie Edwards’ Wife?

Sherrie Bonin Edwards, Willie Edwards’ wife, is a strong and loving woman who stands as the backbone of their family. She’s been a significant part of Edwards’ life, sharing both his joys and sorrows.

Together, they have endured many ups and downs, including the heartbreaking loss of their daughter, Michaela Deshaye. Despite this tragic event, Sherrie continues to celebrate their life, often sharing pictures of their two sons, William IV and Landon, on her Facebook profile.


While Willie Edwards’ life in the swamp might be full of peril and danger, his personal life is rich with love and dedication. He’s a devoted husband to Sherrie and a loving father to his sons, highlighting a softer side to the alligator hunter that many don’t get to see.

Although rumors about his health have circulated, it’s essential to remember that without official confirmation, such claims should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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