Women set trends at Factor Wellbeing 2022

Women set trends at Factor Wellbeing 2022
  • Women look to employers for a culture of openness about mental health and wellness.
  • 68% of companies in the country plan flexible employment policies.
  • Meanwhile, 66% will seek to implement mentoring and training for women.
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Data indicate that women are leaving the workforce at an alarming rate during the pandemic; Employment opportunities for women decreased by 4.2% compared to 1% of employment opportunities for men, according to the “Job Outlook 2021” report issued by the International Labor Organization.

In the return to professional life – post-pandemic – women are looking for employers with a culture of openness about mental health and well-being; Well, they were also the ones who reported the biggest stress as a result of going home and working more hours, says Rosalinda Ballesteros, director of the Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness Science at TecMilenio University.

An interest in introducing wellness practices to all employees, but with a nuance in the female sector, was one of the most frequently reported in The Wellbeing Factor 2021.

Factor Wellbeing is an initiative created by Business Insider Mexico and the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness Sciences, to measure the impact of wellbeing environments on employee engagement and other indicators.

Figures show that at the height of the epidemic, 45% of women reported feeling stressed or tired on a daily basis. Currently, 39% report feeling this way, and since flexibility and mixed functionality were part of a regular scheme, fatigue could have been reduced, according to data in the ManpowerGroup “What Women Want (At Work)” report.

Organizations Put ‘Focus’ on Mental Health

In 2021, the emblem Factor Wellbeing was awarded to organizations that reported the merger positive practices Applied to the induction process, actions aimed at achieving work-life balance and social responsibility initiatives taken in facilities and physical spaces, among other indicators.

A total of 61 organizations provided evidence of how to promote a culture of well-being. Among the findings, it was identified that companies prioritize flexibility and health benefits as one of the aspects that employees value best.

In the particular case of women – although this is not limited to this population – they pay more attention to measures that favor balance with regard to mental health; Also, for practices related to creating a family (such as taking maternity and paternity leave) and having a staff is preferred recognition and communication. “This is the basis for feeling comfortable in the workplace,” says Rosalinda Ballesteros.

This year, 68% of companies in the country plan to adopt flexible labor policies; Meanwhile, 66% will seek to implement mentoring and training for women. What they want are managers and support teams, and opportunities to advance their careers; In addition to flexibility and independence of work, he points out in the ManpowerGroup report.

Factor Wellbeing will seek to capture – in its 2022 edition – what wellbeing practices are that organizations develop to attract and retain talent, and engage remote teams in a hybrid reality.

In this release, in addition to measuring corporate actions around the dimensions of BEAT (Employee Well-Being, Focusing on Strengths, Positive Environment and Purposeful Work), five new practices representing a global trend are incorporated, among which are the following:

  • Mental health care for employees through training processes
  • financial well-being
  • Manage teams in a mixed chart
  • Work flexibility
  • Practices that favor a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion

Participation in Factor Wellbeing is free and none of the stages of the badge process incur costs for the organization. can register By clicking here.

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