Woody Allen plans to shoot a French movie in Paris

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        While promoting the French premiere of his 2020 Rifkin’s Festival, the film that opened that edition of San Sebastian, Woody Allen said he plans to shoot his next movie in Paris.

        The New York-based director (almost always) told French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche that he was aiming to move to the French capital in September to shoot his next project, which he said would be a French-language film with a local. ejaculate. Allen said he could find funding in the United States, but did not give further details. as calculated diverseA source close to the project commented that there is currently no funding of any kind.

        Looks like he called some French actors and It will be confirmed as soon as the funding is secured and the shooting dates are confirmed. The budget will be around $10 million.

        Allen said that the story of the film will be “Similar to “Match Point”‘, a A kind of toxic romantic thrillerAccording to the director.I kept a great memory from filming “Midnight in Paris” in 2010. I really love this city and I visit it a lot, discover charming places every timeAllen continued. He revealed that his daughter, Manzi Teo, is currently filming the series “Emily in Paris” in the French capital. In fact, Allen won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2011 with the movie starring Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, and others.

        midnight in Paris

        midnight in Paris

        Echoing what he told Alec Baldwin in an interview on the actor’s Instagram account, Allen said he’s considering ending his directing career after this upcoming movie. “This will be my 50th movie… This could be my last moviesaid the 86-year-old director. Who knows at the moment.

        Rifkin Festival, which grossed $2.3 million in the few regions where it was distributed. The film was shot in San Sebastian, and in fact the plot took place in the competition itself. Wallace Sean, Gina Gershon, Elena Anaya, Louis Jarrell, and Christoph Waltz among others.

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