Works by Jairo Soto Hernández arrive in the United States Library


The United States Library of Congress included in its official catalog two books about the deceased investigator Jairo Soto Hernández Cultural, which will now be part of the South American section of this place, one of the most important in the world.

The books are ‘The Diablo In Colombian Caribbean Popular Culture’, edited and published in 2012 by La Iguana Ciega Publishing, and ‘The Dancing Devils of Valledupar: A Magical Religious Salute at a Festival’ body of christ‘, edited and published in 2017 by Santa Bárbara Editores.

Both books are the products of A documentation Rigorous and detailed that cultural researcher Jairo Soto Hernandez made and collected for more than a decade, he was able to travel to the Colombian Caribbean to review the presence of Satan in the cultural manifestations of the region and then focus on the city of Valdobar Where today there is one of the most important cultural and religious manifestations such as the Corpus Christi festival, in which ritual dances participate in which the figure of Satan as a hero.

Founded on April 24, 1800The Library of Congress is the oldest cultural entity in the United States and serves as a think tank for Congress. It maintains a global collection of more than 36 million books in 470 languages, over 68 million manuscripts, and the largest collection of rare books and valuable, including one of four perfectly fine copies of the Gutenberg Bible and a draft proclamation independence from the United States.

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