World Rugby Sevens Challenge Series: Condors 7 Championship Great start in Santa Laura | Sports

World Rugby Sevens Challenge Series: Condors 7 Championship Great start in Santa Laura |  Sports

Cóndores 7 got off to a great start at the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series, in Santiago, with wins over Georgia and Papua New Guinea.

Condor 7 He started with the right foot This Friday share in World Rugby Sevens Challenge Seriesin Santiago, a competition taking place at Santa Laura Stadium.

The home team only added victories in the first two matches, so it tops its own area. First they beat Georgia in a great match 19-14 and then beat Papua New Guinea 24-7 with power.

Now, the national team will meet on Saturday with South Korea Starting at 2:46 pm

Chile is part of the first group. With respect to other regions, Hong Kong, Tonga, Jamaica and Zimbabwe make up Group B, while Germany, Uruguay, Uganda and Lithuania fall into Group C.

Remember that Chilean Rugby 7 will shine this September. The national team will be part of the ‘Cape Town 2022’ World Cup, in South Africa, the event for which they qualified last November when Latin America’s Costa Rica finished second.

Chile will participate for the second time in a row in the World Cup Finals. In the edition four years ago, in the United States, the national team narrowly fell in Round 1 against Ireland (12-17) and played in the Bowl, which determined the places from 17 to 20, and won that competition by defeating Tonga (33 – 29), Uganda (20-17) and Hong Kong (20-7).

Other results for the male branch:

Uruguay 12-26 Uganda
Germany 10-21 Lithuania
Tonga 29-5 Jamaica
Hong Kong 33-12 Zimbabwe
South Korea 12-15 Papua New Guinea
Uruguay 52-5 Lithuania
Germany 14-17 Uganda
Tonga 26-17 Zimbabwe
Hong Kong 47-0 Jamaica
South Korea 5-41 Georgia

on the woman’s sideIn his first appearance, the national team lost 22-10 to South Africa and then against China 36-0. Saturday at 11:34 am will be measured with Kenya.

Contest winner It will secure a place for the next World Rugby Seven Series in 2023.

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