YouTube has been ranked as the most supportive social network for TECNO El Intransigente creators

YouTube has been ranked as the most supportive social network for TECNO El Intransigente creators

comp social networks They have invested significant resources and money in online content creators in recent years. Youtube It is one of the platforms that has grown the most in the decade and has been declared as one of the platforms that has paid the most for content creators. The main competitors, such as Facebook social networking site NS tik tok, have not yet reached their numbers and progress.

Google’s media arm announced Monday that it shares ad sales with more than two million video products. YouTube said that More than $30 billion has been paid to content creators in the past three years for advertising, promotion, and other service functions. The company says it laid the foundation for this growth by cleaning up the site for advertisers.

“Our responsibility as a global platform has created this place that works,” said Neil Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, in an interview. YouTube began splitting ad sales with content creators in 2007, eventually creating a sprawling system with few rules of control. In early 2018, the service significantly reduced the number of paid channels, focusing on those that meet the minimum audience and its guidelines.

as BloombergYouTube said the number of new channels in its ad program doubled during 2020. Major competitors such as Facebook, TikTok and Spotify have tried to lure YouTube creators with tools and payments, though no noticeable progress has been made so far. Facebook has even pledged not to receive commissions from creators until 2023, in an effort to drive growth.

YouTube accounts for 45% of the majority of video ad sales. Mohan said there are no plans to change that. “When I talk to the creators, it’s always about growing the pie in general,” Mohan said. “A $10 portion is always better than a $1 portion.” Mohan declined to say how much of the $30 billion went to those companies, but said a “huge chunk” of the money went to independent creators and musicians.

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