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Most of the 2021 mobile apps started on the right foot, since January, many apps are offering updates as they add new tools to provide a better user experience. One of the most popular video and entertainment platforms ever, we mean You are currently testing the feature that many have been waiting for, translating comments. How do I activate it? Now we will explain.

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Make sure you’ve been browsing before And suddenly you saw a video that piqued your interest, and yet the creators speak a different language than yours. Most likely, most Internet users left their comments in that language that you do not understand, be it English, German, Chinese, Russian, etc., because all you have to do is copy the text and go to Google Translator to see what users think.

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What I did might be somewhat annoying and boring, but that’s over, Youtube I finally heard the millions of users who had been complaining for years through the Play Store or the Apple App Store, asking the Google developers to add an option to translate texts, something similar to what they have on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.

The good news is that this functionality will be present in both Android mobile devices and the iPhone’s iOS operating system. On the other hand, the bad news is that you will have to get it YouTube Premium (Pay) for the “Translate” and “Watch the Original” button to appear below the comments, the outlet reports .

It is important to clarify that On his website, he indicated that the “translate” and “see the original” options will only be available until September 9.

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