YouTuber threatened to charge a millionaire for a restaurant that doesn’t give him free food

YouTuber threatened to charge a millionaire for a restaurant that doesn’t give him free food

In Spain, the video of a YouTuber who was angry with a restaurant employee for charging her for the food she ate inside the establishment went viral. The fact that the comments encouraged hate against local and negative reviews on Google.

This is Borja Escalona, ​​who was on a live broadcast, while walking the streets of the municipality of Vigo, in the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, when he decided to eat something at the famous restaurant Tapa do Barrel.

Escalona ordered one of the most popular empanadillas in the place and once he had finished eating he tried to leave the place without paying. Immediately, the employee asked him to pay 2.3 euros, which surprised the content creator.

According to Borja, he was promoting the place so that it should eat for free, as he had already done in other works: “Wait, for we’re in trouble; for then I must charge you for this promotion we just made.”

However, the woman emphasized that she had to pay because he never warned her she wouldn’t, plus she is just a worker and advertising issues must be agreed with the owners.

The subject insisted that he did not have to pay, and told the employee that if he paid, a bill of €2,500 for advertising would go to the restaurant’s account.

“It will be a little more expensive … they will get a bill for the upgrade I just did, which is 2,500 euros,” he confirmed.

Finally, YouTube paid the bill, did not want to receive the exchange money and asked its followers not to do a bad review of the place on Google, which caused the opposite effect, because after Borja’s live broadcast, hundreds of netizens criticized the tapa-do barrel.

The restaurant offers its version

After the electronic bullying, the establishment gave its version of events and lamented that there were people who spoke badly about the place without trying the dumplings.

The restaurant’s official Instagram account reads: “Charging for our work has resulted in dozens of negative results on our Google profile (people who have never eaten one of our pancakes) and calls to our business that insult our team.”

It is not known if “YouTube” kept his word and accused the millionaire of “A tapa do barrel”, the truth is that the man opened a new YouTube channel and confirmed that it will continue to be a fashion.

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