Youtuber threatens restaurant to ship food they want for free

Youtuber threatens restaurant to ship food they want for free

A few months ago, in Mexico, the case of an influential show chef who asked him to exchange opinions in his restaurant caused quite a stir. I was looking forward to eating ‘free’ in exchange for some pictures and signs. In the midst of controversy over whether or not this should be done, a similar situation arose in Spain, although on this occasion the aggrieved party was the company. Y es que el youtuber se molestó con una empleada que le cobró lo que comió en un restaurante, pues ese no había sido el trato, por lo que su actitud desató que una horda de haters que se lanzaran en contra del local conñ diferentes The Google.

what happened? It turns out that the influencer Borja Escalona He was doing a live broadcast while walking the streets of the municipality of Vigo, in Pontevedra, Galicia, when he felt the urge to eat at the famous restaurant A Tapa do Barrel.


Once he arrived, he decided to eat some dumplings. Once it was over, the influencer tried to leave without paying. However, an employee asked him to pay 2.3 euros. He said visibly angry that he was alone promoting the establishment, as he had done elsewhere.

“Wait, we’re in trouble; the influencer said:

The waitress persisted in her attitude of accusing him, because she had to meet him with the owners of the place for promotion. For his part, the influencer confirmed that his action will be more expensive, as the restaurant will receive 2,500 euros for the advertisement he presents to them:

“It will be a little more expensive for you … and they will get a bill for the upgrade I just did, which is 2,500 euros,” he said.

The influencer ended up paying, not wanting to receive money in return, but rather asked his followers not to give the place a bad rating on Google, which had the opposite effect, as a crowd of followers criticized the place.

In the face of harassment, the restaurant stated that they only charge a fee for their service and that there is nothing wrong with that:

The restaurant’s official Instagram account reads: “Charging for our business has resulted in dozens of negative results on our Google profile (people who have never eaten one of our pancakes) and calls to our business that insult our team.”

On the other hand, the influencer also received hate messages. In addition, he has his own YouTube channels:


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