6ix9ine visited a town in Uganda where he distributed the money

6ix9ine visited a town in Uganda where he distributed the money

Despite not releasing new music, Tekashi 6ix9ine has always looked for a way to stay relevant in social networks, either by participating in feuds or by distributing money to those who need it most.

The most recent case was in Uganda, where he decided to record the video clip for his new song, “Waba”, where the rapper distributed $100 to children and youth in the city where he is.

“Uganda Africa I love you I can’t wait to edit this video I’m so glad I traveled 22 hours just to make sure they were in this video 🌈🌈🌈 WAPAE MUSIC VIDEO HOPE THIS SATURDAY/SUNDAY,” the singer wrote in the clip A video where he is seen handing out money to about 20 people who danced to the beat of his new song.

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In previous clips, the artist had reported that he was in the process of filming the music video without camera equipment. Meaning, the entire registration process will likely be done using your mobile device.

Feedback on the video

On Instagram, the video sparked mixed opinions among people who supported the 26-year-old singer’s gesture, and who felt it was a “humiliation” to that country’s youth.

In general, users from the African continent have expressed their discomfort with Tekashi’s publication.

  • @youyou9_sauvage_des_collines: “Why do you record it? Do it without cameras and I might just say you’re a good person. It’s insulting. Well behaved for bad reasons.”
  • jbgods_: “I’m tired of the world using African countries for dog and pony shows”
  • @ franklinm5: “$100 goes a long way there. It will help the whole family.”
  • @hiphopdailystuff: “This guy is using starving kids to promote his music, this is some miserable stuff… Big L Parasnitchnine.”

This isn’t the first time Tekashi has used his platform to show how he gives his money to other people.

Starting in April, the singer has been in Cuba, staying in a rural area. In order to compensate the family, which she received, the artist distributed about 25 thousand dollars to all members of the house.

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