Anahi de Cárdenas reveals how hard her life in the US has been: ‘I feel bad to be here’

Anahi de Cárdenas reveals how hard her life in the US has been: ‘I feel bad to be here’
Anahi de Cárdenas does not have a good time outside. (instagram)

At the beginning of 2023, Anahi de Cardenas I decided to migrate abroad to grow professionally. The actress moved to the United States with the intention of finding better opportunities for her career; However, being away from her family and living alone in Los Angeles was not easy.

As reported, at the end of January, the artist appeared crying on her digital platforms when she told that she misses Peru and everything she has built in her home country. Hours later, she seemed calmer and more optimistic about her future on American soil.

Although many think so Anahi de Cardenas He is already used to being in the States, and the truth is that he is going through very hard times. On April 3, the Peruvian revealed on her social networks that she is going through a difficult time emotionally, because she feels guilty for having left her husband, her pets, her family and everything she has in our country.

“Even though things are going well, sometimes I feel guilty. I feel bad for being here. I feel split in two. One foot and one here,” reads the first lines of his post on his official Instagram account.

Likewise, “Ruby” is very popular In the background there is room He admitted that he suffers from anxiety that he cannot control, because the language, the city, and the change of times affect his peace of mind. She even said that she couldn’t make it on time to take the test and they put her on a “black list”.

“I’ve noticed that the coffee I drink makes me anxious. The distances in this city make me anxious too. I worry about getting lost in translations in my head. Getting blacklisted for not making it to a pour call on time. For misunderstanding and confusing myself with schedules because my computer B runs Peruvian time.”It makes me anxious not to be with my cats,” he added.

Her publication sparked thousands of reactions from her followers and friends, who gave her all their support and encouraged her to continue fighting for her dreams, despite the ordeals that stand in her way. “You can Anahi, you’ll remember it later and it’ll just be an anecdote. Come on, decaf and conquer the world,” some of the comments were, “Little by little I am, you are in a new world, with new people and friends, but by yourself.”

Anahi de Cardenas He opened his heart and told the program Andres Hurtado At the beginning of March, her depression surfaced long before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The singer also revealed that her mental health was one of her biggest battles in life.

In conversation with the driver Saturdays with Andres The actress pointed out that she controlled her depression thanks to the various tools that she gave her in her psychological and psychological treatments. “My whole life since I was a teenager I’ve been through a very big battle. My biggest battle has been with mental health. For many years of my life I’ve been depressed, and I’ve struggled with anxiety.

“Potential carcinogen. What if I’m depressed? At some point I was, yeah, depressed. I suffer from anxiety. Well, I think artists are very sensitive people. So it’s easy for us to suddenly fall into these things because we feel so much. And when we feel a lot…we are very sensitive. Therefore, when I was sad, I was not sad, I wanted to die, when I was happy, I was not happy, I was cheerful.

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