Do you want to travel to the United States in Bursa? This is the visa you need

Do you want to travel to the United States in Bursa?  This is the visa you need

If you want to travel to United State as part of a Student exchange Or some other school program, the government of this country has three visas different that will help you achieve them. One of them is US J-1 visa And it is undoubtedly your best choice, as it aims at cultural exchange and authorizes him or his holder to work also during their stay in the country.

This type of visa can also be requested by those who wish to hold a position as a nanny, known as “Au Pair” with a family from the northern country.

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How do you apply for a US J-1 visa to travel to the United States?

If you apply and are accepted to be part of an exchange program in the country, you must do the following to process this document:

  • Register with the Exchange Student Information System (SEVIS) and pay the corresponding SEVIS I-901 fee.
  • Complete the D-160 application with your passport information and the reason for your visit. Remember to put that you are going to exchange my students.
  • When attending your interview at the US Consulate, you must bring all documents related to your trip, as well as your passport.
  • Among the papers you must submit are the pre-filled Form D-160, the application fee, the Certificate of Eligibility for the state you will be exchanging, and the Form DS-2019 that SEVIS will submit.

Once you have completed your interview, an authority at the consulate will determine if you are eligible for a US J-1 visa.

If you plan to travel to the United States as part of a student exchange program, you need to process a special visa, and we tell you what it is.

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Other jobs and programs covered by this type of visa are:

  • Au and EduCare’s husband nanny.
  • Camp advisor.
  • Government visitor.
  • International visitor.
  • internal.
  • medical.
  • Professor or researcher.
  • Short term trainee.
  • specialized.
  • College/college student.
  • High school student.
  • Summer business trips.
  • Teacher.
  • Someone learning a craft.

An important thing to mention is that for exchange program participants, the condition that applies to this visa is to return to their home country for at least two years before traveling to the United States again.

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