Indiscipline at Weston McKennie Doesn’t Shut the Doors of Choice

Indiscipline at Weston McKennie Doesn’t Shut the Doors of Choice

Greg Berhalter, Technical Choose the United States confirmed that Weston McKinney He was excluded from today’s match against HondurasThis is because the player broke health protocols.

Weston Refer to the Italy It will not be taken into account in the match against Honduras He declared in a press conference that the internal policies of the team had been violated.

“There are great expectations for those who are part of the men’s national team in United StateAnd to be successful, it is important that everyone in the group is responsible.”

despite this, Pearlharter She said McKinney The doors of the Stars and Stripes Cluster did not close, because for this to happen, something strange had to happen.

“Something very strange has to happen to this team to shut the door in someone’s face,” he added.

The North American squad didn’t start well in a hexa CONCACAF heads to Qatar 2022. So far he has not been able to win a single match, because he drew on days 1 and 2 savior And Canada.

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Debido a esto, Estados Unidos se ubica en la quinta posición de la tabla, por lo que hoy en San Pedro Sula ante los catrachos, están obligados a ganar, así lo consideró Christian Pulisic, quien advirtió que su equipo de seas to lles puns a house.

“The team is ready to respond after two results that were supposed to improve. It is an important match tomorrow and we want the three points.”

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