Manos Unidas raises 341,643 euros in Almeria for projects in Uganda, Bolivia and South Sudan

Manos Unidas raises 341,643 euros in Almeria for projects in Uganda, Bolivia and South Sudan

The 62nd campaign of Manos Unidas with the logo “Spread Solidarity for Zero Hunger”, Launched in February 2021, it promoted the only way to combat the inequality pandemic. And what an answer! The generosity and solidarity of the people of Almeria was demonstrated through the cooperation with the activities and contributions of the NGO for the development of the Catholic Church. But not only at the individual level, but also parishes, schools, media, companies and institutions have turned to the various activities organized by Manos Unidas.

Raised more than 340,000 euros in 2021. 98.8% of private sector revenue

Income amounted to 341,643 euros, distributed as follows: direct debit fees from associates 109,353 euros, collection and parish activities 89,464 euros, private donations 70,240 euros, inheritance 60,586 euros and co-financing from public bodies 4,003 euros. In the expenses section, these amounts to 28,011 euros, of which 10,451 euros are derived from inheritance transfers, 9,344 euros are from premises rent, and 7,232 euros are from outreach materials.

At the national level, Manos Unidas has collected more than 33 million euros It has supported 474 development projects in 51 countries, helping to change the lives of 1,524,954 people.

Education for development, essential to changing the world: presence in parishes, schools and universities

These development projects and initiatives would not have been possible without work Awareness Education for development, which is carried out through information, denunciation and training, which aims to encourage everyone to commit to building a world that takes into account the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth.

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