Starting Safe Immigration to the United States with Work Visas – El Sol de Hidalgo

Starting Safe Immigration to the United States with Work Visas – El Sol de Hidalgo

IXMIQUILPAN, Hgo. From the US, they are promoting free H2A visas to go to work legally in that country’s agricultural fields, through a coalition of contractors, immigrants and regulating authorities.

The demand was so great that at the first meeting organized at the Hidalgo Theater in this municipality, about 300 interested parties gathered.

The first 150 applicants who meet the necessary skills in Mexican fields will be trained for the specific tasks required by the Florida company, and receive a salary of approximately six thousand pesos per month.

This was explained by Juan Paccajay Cantero, leader of the Federation of Hidalgens in Florida, “At all times there is respect by the Consulate of Mexico through its President Juan Sabines and the officials of the municipality of Exmicilpan, who will prevent any mistreatment or breach of contracts signed.”

He explained through a video clip, with the American businessman Hector Cruz, that this program seeks to preserve the integrity of families, so that they spend a specific time with distinct salaries.

The agricultural investor explained that “since training they are already earning 1,500 pesos per week, including their expenses, so that they can send some money to their families, while their trip to the United States is scheduled, which will not have any cost or expense for them . from visas or business. paperwork”.

Rejecting the illegal practices of the alleged managers, Bakkajay Kantero said, “They can travel legally, they can raise capital, they can do family business without the risk of illegal crossing through the desert or facing gangs.”

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The businessman said that during the recent visit of Mayor Aracely Beltran to Consul Juan Sabines, he was able to take advantage of Ixmiquilpenses from this program, allowing to monitor the whole process in a coordinated way to avoid possible deviations.

The immigrant commander said 150 municipal residents who had agreed on their abilities would go to the Mexican fields for training and “will be accompanied by the municipal and consular authorities, to ensure that the process is carried out legally.”

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