TCN is reviving and negotiating its access to the US and UK

TCN is reviving and negotiating its access to the US and UK

“What I do is apply microeconomics to the macroeconomics of small and medium businesses.” TCN CEO, Gunkal Kokolois known in the midst of an “absolute restructuring”. When he took over the management of this group-owned textile company female For only two years, he had done so with a mission to redefine the brand’s position. A year later, TCN has less store but sells twice as much Internet. So much so that this sales channel has invested its weight in the company’s income through the multi-brand channel, which previously accounted for 40% of turnover and is now only 20%. However, at the same time, the company is negotiating its access to the British and North American markets, and is doing so through department stores.

“Export is now one of the big streaks,” Kokolo explains regarding his future plans. “We are currently working with Japan And the Italia [donde venden a través de tiendas de terceros], but we already have appointments with major British and American distributors rdquor; , explains.

Along the way, TCN arranged to sell bikinis and swimwear this summer at 16 English Court On Spain And the PortugalShe has launched her own line of children’s clothing and is working in two other lines of business about which she still does not wish to provide details. It also closed one of its three stores in Catalonia before the pandemic (they have another in Madrid) and short-term plans do not include opening new ones. “Companies are growing little by little,” justifies Kokolo, which is working with the goal of increasing its turnover by 25% to 3.5 million euros this year.

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When the Amposta (Tarragona) Nath group acquired TCN, the originally exclusive lingerie brand had passed from the hands of its founders, Jose Maria Donat And the Toton ComillaTo the venture capital fund endurance partners. It was this company – which had bought the Catalan company with the intention of reintroducing it – that finally began the bankruptcy process that Nath ended up removing from it. In this sense, Cucullo associates his own signature with the intent of finding a director who is “extremely sensitive to product” a characteristic more important than numbers, he says.

“My first goal was to reposition the brand within the marketplace, this manager acknowledged. TCN has been a bit left behind, and for me it has value as an established brand in Spain and has a lot of potential to grow in many areas,” he continues. “The main thing was to rediscover DNA & rdquor; He synthesizes them, a task he already has on the right track. He concludes, “The next step is to make more noise, to be more present and, above all, to export.”

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