The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Summary, Season 1 Episode 7

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Summary, Season 1 Episode 7

I am very grateful for this episode. Yes, there are some important discussions revolving around mental health and addiction. There is also a completely magical moment for Heather’s revision of her daughter’s “Godiva” pronunciation (it’s not “Go, singer“A lot of horror.” But what I am most grateful for is the near absence of Mary Cosby. She definitely comes for a second to star in the modeling area as her hard-earned money falls off her dazzling shoulders. Other than that? Basically nothing. It’s a wonder what 43 Minutes can do without the pain of the entire body for chronic back pain.

Unfortunately, we pick up right Where we left off At the inaugural Park City Fashion Week, Brooks displays his “line” of five identical black tracksuits. The display itself is anti-climatic. Brooks debuted with a Lederhosen version of his tracksuits, and Meredith set up the runway to give the energy of “a young priest selling a Producator agent sample”. Even the worst of it is only 30 percent Ramona Singer, So I call it a smash hit. Seth FaceTimes from Super 8 somewhere definitely smells like Cuyahoga River and then has the nerve to ask Meredith and Brooks if They have He was kidnapped. Brooks should be expected to be upset that Seth did not ask for game after game and shower him with praise. Seth’s eyes almost burst out of his head telling Brooks that the conversation is worrying him and he just sends a handwritten note because LTE coverage is bad in Ohio or whatever. Meredith feels partly responsible, and this is kind of true because of everything “I asked for space,” but also not true at all because Seth is a mature man who has spent his entire career traveling and should be able to communicate with children from afar at this point.

Bravo usually does a light, breezy break sometime after the first scene, and this week is no different. It is a gift every time! Lisa promotes bottles of mysterious, crystal-topped bar tequila as a kosher delicacy. Brooks drinks the mashed goo of half a grapefruit with a metal straw when Vitamix is ​​no more than 18 inches away in the franchise’s final width. Finally, Mary Cosby asked Robert Jr. and his Gucci hunting hat why they were returning home so late. Is there a context? of course not! We can only imagine that 15 minutes before the broadcast, someone in Bravo realized it was best to cast another Mary scene for contractual reasons, and these were the only shots that didn’t require drawing a family tree directly from George RR Martin’s folder.

In Beauty Lab + Laser, Whitney comes up for a totally face and separation while Heather reworkes the divorce. After asking about Whitney’s father, Heather makes a very dubious comparison between his struggles with her addictions and her struggles with divorces. They talk about how difficult it is to live under the rule of the Mormon Church, especially for women. Heather goes on to detail the conflict she feels between societal expectations, what she wants for her daughters, and what she wants as her person. Whitney assures her that she’s an amazing mom, and I’d really like to fast-forward through these conversations so we can watch Heather go into town with her sweet allusions to all the good-natured and available men that Bravo can bask in the Tri-Zone. Hell, you spin on the dating show! If the bored donkey Pekka Kufrin can handle a whole season of And bacheloretteCan you even imagine what Heather would do with 30 beefy bars and an endless pool of tequila soda?

In any case, some exciting things happen in Shah Chalet. No, it’s not a diamond-encrusted step and repetition or initiation of a seventh assistant, but it is a huge help for the mental health discourse. Jane chooses the breakfast plate after taking her anxiety / depression medication and discusses her journey in Confession. We discovered that after her father died, she was in a bad place and afraid to treat him for fear that she would look weak. Even though Sheriff told her she didn’t need medicine, just prayers (uggghhh, my man, we were rooting for you …), her son Ravi intervened at the end and said that he loves her no matter what and that the medicine is not ashamed of him. Trustworthy. If you need it, take it!

In other family bonding news, Lisa prefers death to playing Monopoly (I mean, the same) so they prepare for a totally casual family night out of writing their goals on poster boards. Young Henry has big plans to get his first kiss at the age of fifteen, has triplets, and to meet Post Malone. You can’t decide if it’s interesting that this hugging has incredible time privacy or the instantly attainable goal here includes Post Malone. Either way, older Jack will pass the drivers’ test, get chopped up, and become LADYSLAYER. I don’t like this last thing a little bit, and far from being a bit meritorious, surely it should go against the Mormon doctrine? John’s goals include taking the kids on camping trips, training their sports teams, and listening without interruption. Either he sent a big pile of Vida Tequila’s money to the editors or could John actually be a good guy? Not quite surprised, Lisa’s goals are to expand her business, push the standard up, and say “no” when things don’t go along, which she immediately denies later that evening after her husband seemed a little excited about it. Free from any form of auditory, visual, or physical interest, John returns to his shell until next week.

Hoping to get more information about the “bitch stage in which everyone goes through the second stage in which they are separated from their wives,” Jane and Heather introduce Meredith Butter with tours of the Belvedere and ordering meatballs. It does not work. Her lips remain tightly attached and every dating question in life is met with elusive nonsense. While this is great for Meredith’s therapist and media coach (lots of picks for their wallets!), It doesn’t quite fit for a talkative dinner on a dime a dozen from Andy Cohen. Luckily for us, Jane hints at knowing there’s more to the story, and since she studies her book “How to be a Real Housewife” seven hours a day, you already know that she’ll spill the beans after the rush.

In what may be the last snapshots in human history of a crowded trampoline park, Whitney and her father Steve take her kids a little jumping around so they can get to know their grandfather a little better. It’s all good and good (and if it’s a bit exhausting, knowing the condition of my leg hair may not be able to withstand much of the scramble) until Steve starts talking about his desire to leave a sober life. He told Whitney he’s stronger, more visible, he’s done the work and it’s time to “get that badass out there and make some money.” She understandably worries about wanting to leave the show after only 21 days instead of her 90 days and has told him that she is afraid that he will lose his progress. This is all very difficult and I really hope Whitney has a support system of her own, because at least from what we’ve seen, she did a tremendous job for her dad.

At Heather’s house, things also got very vulnerable. While helping eldest daughter Ashley make a poster to ask her boyfriend to dance the sweethearts, the entire family talks about Heather’s pent-up feelings of divorce. It’s basically what we’ve heard before, her three daughters reassuring like hell, telling her how much she taught them about choosing their own paths and blindly incompatibility, as well as how they all support each other no matter why chasing whatever makes them happy. They aren’t saying it outright, but all indications are that Heather and her girls mutually decide to leave the Mormon Church?!?! At this point, is anyone on this show an all-in, 100 percent Mormon? Were they ever? What are Lisa’s thoughts on this? In fact, scratch it – the world doesn’t need another second of moral preaching from someone eating Wendy’s, Sonic, and Taco Bell at the same meal. But perhaps as a compromise, can we shake off sweeping temple shots and haunted choir music? At least until they cast some Mormon IG influencers next season?

Finally, Jane heads out to Whitney’s house to play on the pole and talk about Meredith. While Whitney demonstrates some basic moves, Jane mentioned that although she might not “get a cock” often, she’s totally okay because she has a Hitachi magic wand. Oh yeah, and also as she craves attention and will look for it elsewhere when she’s not getting enough, maybe Meredith is wandering outside the house. Another doomed confession look somewhere at the intersection of Marilyn Monroe and SpongeBob SquarePants driving instructorWhitney pretends to be shocked and says it would be better if Jane be able to support these claims. do not worry! Jane was in New York to attend the Meredith Box Show, where a gentleman declared that Meredith was the love of his life and that he would marry her before he “made sure she went upstairs.”

Happy vacation, and see you next week to explore how Meredith’s Botox is holding up these nasty rumors!

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