The United States congratulated Colombia for its interest in Venezuelan immigrants

The United States congratulated Colombia for its interest in Venezuelan immigrants
More details about the meeting between Duque and Biden are known Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

Katie Tobin, Special Assistant to President Biden and Senior Director of the Cross Border Directorate at the National Security Council, spoke to the media as a Washington spokeswoman, explaining every detail of the meeting between the President of the United States and Evan Duque yesterday. In the White House, where issues related to immigration, security, defense and border measures by both countries prevailed,

On this occasion, Tobin explained that the dialogue between the two leaders allowed opening the doors for the implementation of future strategies commensurate with the high rates of immigration of Venezuelan citizens affected by the crisis in the neighboring country, as in this case in both Colombia and neighboring countries. The United States, thousands of immigrants tried to bridge the gaps to settle in these countries and try to re-emerge, however, this has become a social problem of great impact in the case of Colombia.

According to President Biden’s Special Assistant, The Government of the United States congratulates Ivan Duque and all Colombians on their ability to accept and welcome all Venezuelan immigrants who have arrived in the country, as they consider that this situation has created bonds of brotherhood and also reinforced the values ​​of solidarity and support in overcoming a critical problem in the South American continentdespite the fact that with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic it has come together.

On the other hand, Duque and Biden expressed their concern about the situation that Ukraine and Russia are currently facing, as they consider the departure of hundreds of citizens from Ukrainian lands to other European countries as a historic exodus.This is why together they called on the guarantor organizations to be vigilant in the face of any necessary humanitarian intervention, as this conflict is a factor in the incidence of all over the world.

The Director of the Cross-Border Directorate of the United States National Security Council was asked about Colombia’s involvement as a major non-NATO ally of the United States, and the eventual access of American weapons to Colombia as a military reserve, since they questioned this status as an international intervention in Colombian territory, highlighting the complexity The world is faced with the conflicts in which the United States of America is involved.

With the military reserve in place, the aide was interrogated about the possible participation of Colombia in a conflict, the eminent American figure replied that this issue is not in its competence and cannot refer to it, as it is information that is dealt with directly. Ministry of Foreign AffairsHer work seeks to focus explicitly on social and border problems, which are the main features of her portfolio.

This meeting between the two presidents would have allowed the creation of future channels of employment opportunities, in different countries of the continent for Venezuelan citizens, as they point out from the US government that this is not a prerogative of Colombia only. Instead, there must be general cooperation to resolve this crisis that hits our sister country, Venezuela.

After the visit of the American delegates to the Venezuelan territory, rumors arose about the possibility of restoring diplomatic relations between the Biden government and the government of Nicolás Maduro, however, this visit sought to verify the situation of some American citizens imprisoned in Venezuela, and, accordingly, From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they stressed that relations between the two countries will continue in the same way, in addition to the continuing concern on the part of the United States about the status that the said country maintains..

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