The US Embassy opens appointments for obtaining a visa

The US Embassy opens appointments for obtaining a visa

On her official Twitter account, the Embassy of the United States of America announce it On Tuesday March 21st from 10:00 am (Mexico City time), appointment availability will open in your system for Saturday March 25th. This will only be for first time tourist visa applicants.

What do I need to apply for the visa for the first time?

Fill out the DS-160 form

According to the US Department of State, you must fill in the data digitally Form DS-160which is the main source of information for the consular officer.

Register in the visa information and appointment system

On this site, you must create an account and confirm the email address and file record number Form DS-160. The system will send you a document to make the payment for the visa application.

Among the documents required in the form you will find: passport; Itinerary, if any; History of international travel within the past five years; CV: Information about your educational and employment history.

Make an appointment at the Applicant Service Center and Consular Section

After making the payment, you should go back to the portal Visa dates and information system In order to schedule the final steps: visit to CAS To register the biometric information and then the personal interview at the corresponding consular office according to the city and state where you live.

Attend the applicant’s service center

in it CASyou must present a valid passport, confirmation paper from Form DS-160 And print the appointment confirmation sheet.

Appointment for interview at the Consular Section

Finally, you must appear at the embassy or consulate where the appointment is scheduled for a face-to-face interview with the consular officer.

In the following link you will find a list of consular offices:

Remember to arrive 30 minutes early and bring your valid passport, confirmation paper Form DS-160 And print the appointment confirmation sheet.

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