Tiffany Haddish turns down the 2020 Grammy hosting party

Tiffany Haddish turns down the 2020 Grammy hosting party

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if you think Award-winning actress, Tiffany Haddish You will host your prize offer for free, you are totally wrong. for every variety, The Girls’ Journey The Recording Academy asked the actress to host the Grammys premiere, but she declined because she was not offered any cash payments. In addition to the lack of compensation, The pre-show of “The Biggest Night of Music” reportedly refused the offer to cover Haddish’s hair, makeup, or wardrobe for three hours. Haddish said in a statement to “All of this must come out of my pocket.” variety On her decision to reject the offer. “I don’t know if this might mean I might never be nominated again, but I think it’s disrespectful.” This year, Hadash was nominated for a second Grammy Award for Best Netflix Comic Album Black mitzvah She received her first nomination in 2019 for her album Another black unicorn. “I was like, ‘The show is awesome but I think I have enough. I appreciate your question, mates. As much as I appreciate the honor of my nomination, that is not good.’

The Recording Academy said that Hadash will not be punished for refusing his offer to host the TV pre-show. When I called him variety, A representative of the Recording Academy responded by stating that the premiere party, which someone was asked to host, is not a CBS program hosted by the Academy, a non-profit organization – and historically, all hosts, presenters, and performers have performed without compensation at the event. However, the precedent was not sufficient for a talk to record for this year’s TV broadcast. “This is something that needs to be addressed,” Haddish said. “How many other people have done that? It’s like a guy asks you for a date but tells you you have to pay for it.” Can you relate to Weeknd.

December 10 update: Harvey Mason Jr. , The interim president of the Recording Academy that was dealt with A fair share of the differences Over the past year, he apologized to Tiffany Haddish, saying the situation “just caught my attention” after seeing the headlines. “Unfortunately, without my knowledge, the talented carrier who works for the academy told Mrs. Haddish that we will not cover her costs even while she is hosting the event,” Mason Jr. explained In the Instagram video. “For me, that was a mistake. I’m disappointed with that decision. It was a slip of judgment. She tasted bad. That was disrespectful.” He added that he personally expressed his “regret and dissatisfaction” to the Recording Academy about the way they dealt with Haddish. Mason Jr. did not specify. Whether he had spoken to Haddish about the situation or whether to be shown gig again with proper compensation.

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