Uganda: The teacher management system allows to raise the quality of education

Uganda: The teacher management system allows to raise the quality of education

Jacqueline Kaloli Kutesa is the Principal of St James’ Secondary School in Jinja District, Uganda. I, like many directors, have had difficulty getting hired in the past. “A person can say that he is a teacher, or that he was part of the teaching staff thanks to their skills and practice, but without adopting the appropriate regulations,” he explains.

Soon Jacqueline will stop dealing with this problem, because the government does tangible progress on Centralization, digitization and harmonization Teacher certificate.

A study prepared by UNESCO (TIISA) revealed problems due to the quantity and quality of teachers. In 2019, it was released government, supported by Unesco CapED ProgramDeveloped the Teaching Management Information System (TMIS).

The system allows managing the information contained in the teachers’ register in an agile and fast manner. For principals like Jacqueline, this means that all schools’ HR teams will be able to validate documents for potential teachers using the TMIS online validation tool. “TMIS.” It’s going to help us get real teachers,” said Jacqueline In a joint report on the UNESCO website.

The education authorities of the country are doing their best to standardize this platform (TMIS) with high quality data from various sources. The government uses this collected information to Make policy decisions based on reliable and timely data It is produced internally.

As the number of teachers registered on the platform increases, Uganda will be able to see the total number of qualified teachers in the country and how they are distributed. Ministry staff will then be able to use the data to help make informed decisions about educational plans and resource allocation.

to date, More than 200,000 teachers from the public and private sectors They signed up on the TMIS platform. The platform allows you to get an account, download documents and finally access electronic registration certificates, as well as how to check information for future teachers.

Ananias Simoso, Chief Owner of Kawempe Private Schools, praised the establishment of TMIS, stating that The system will have profound repercussions on dozens of lives. “TMIS creates a database of qualified but not yet recruited teachers, to which the Ministry of Education can turn in the event of a teacher shortage.”

The Teacher Education and Training Department (TETD) understands the value of the platform and has committed to prioritizing teachers who are identified as master trainers in order to enable them to properly deliver regional training courses.

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