Universities devise catch-up plans to make up for lost learning time  

Universities devise catch-up plans to make up for lost learning time  

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it caused changes to everything. From socialization to personal hygiene, travelling to business, exploration to education and much more. It is difficult to assess the exact impact and effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown situation. However, when it comes to education, it has many damages.

Many students around the globe are suffering from the lockdown situation. No matter if it is the resident or international student at universities, colleges and even schools. However, universities lookout for resources and found an alternative of online classes for students, but still, there is much more at loss.

Every educational institute around the globe is concerned about the loss of learning time. It is affecting the education quality and students are looking for academic writing help. Institutes cannot fix things to 100% but struggle to make things better. The current situation even indicates that in future there are no chances of having educational institutes coming back to their routine.

There are phases over phases that are causing complications and leaving everyone confused about what is coming up next on board. Therefore, the universities are taking charge of the situation and coming up with numerous advanced practices to handle the situation.

Change in the academic calendar

The very first move is related to the change in the academic calendar. Every institute is following some specific dates and a schedule to operate its courses and sessions. It keeps them in order and avoids any inconvenience.

However, due to the pandemic crisis, right now institutions are unable to follow the calendars. It is difficult for them to manage everything as per their conventional calendars. Therefore, they are changing the calendars that will eventually change their annual takes and graduations as well.

Moreover, the college events, competitions, examinations and many other activities will have a reschedule. Due to pandemic conditions, universities are eliminating all the gatherings from their calendar for now.

Executing online assessments

One of the major challenges that institutes have to face during lockdown was the assessment. Giving students online classes was just a replacement for an actual class. Though many educationalists are not comfortable with virtual classes even today, there is no other choice.

After teaching students, the key issue was the assessments and papers. It is not possible to ask students to appear for the physical examination. Therefore, the universities are developing online assessment criteria. It is letting the students write their papers virtually online. It is helping the universities to keep the process going and avoiding all the issues in examination and assessments.

The best part of this emerged system is the record. Universities can keep the record of the assessments easily and access it from anywhere out there.

Fee reductions

People who were worried about the fee structure of institutions now have an ultimate way out. The universities came up with an ideology to help the parents and students wittier overall survival issues. They have reduced the tuition fee or campus fees. These reductions are in action for new students as well as existing students at the same time.

The motive is to encourage students and parents in continuing their studies and not holding back. Along with fee reduction, the institutes are offering scholarships to the students. These scholarships are another resource to ease the financial burden on students.

Arranging free data for students

Since studies are all online right now and students need internet data at the same time. It calls up for some action. Universities that are concerned about making things easy for students are taking an advanced step.

Many universities around the globe initiated associations with telecom services providers. They have arranged free internet data for their students with specific data providers. It opens up a gateway of utility for the students to access the available free online resources and meet their learning loss.

Along with internet data, universities are letting students access numerous virtual resources that can help them to boost their learning. It will eventually help them in completing their academic requirements.

Looking for more smart solutions

It is not the end; the educational institutes are pretty much sensitized about the Pandemic situation and its impact on education. They are in the process of developing and building up smart solutions.

Along with all these acts, they are after some further systems, policies and regulations. There is no doubt that these systems are new for us. It is not possible to rely on these systems 100%. It is the reason the universities are after progress and innovation. They are trying their best to come up with the right and ultimate solutions for students.

It is evident to claim that these actions by universities or educational institutions are commendable. Eventfully it will help students to keep learning and graduate with knowledge, practice and exploration.

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