You Can Learn A Lot About Running A Business From The Success Of This Online Slot Game

You Can Learn A Lot About Running A Business From The Success Of This Online Slot Game

Economies worldwide would have had far less success in recent decades if it weren’t for entrepreneurs. Yet, just as the world wouldn’t be the same without entrepreneurs, these individuals wouldn’t be the same had they not had existing businesses to look at for inspiration. If you’re a fresh-faced entrepreneur looking for a muse, we recommend Barcrest. By keeping up with technology and maintaining its competitive edge, the UK slot provider has dominated the gambling industry for years.

Even though land-based casinos still had physical attendees after society moved into the digital age, Barcrest recognized the importance of keeping up with technological advancements and thus turned its popular land-based game Rainbow Riches into an online slot. Today, the game generates high online search traffic — how to play Rainbow Riches saw rising Google searches between May 2019 and March 2021, with interest from the UK, Thailand, and Vietnam — and attracts hundreds of online players. Part of the attraction is the game’s RTP percentage (95%) and its simplistic gameplay that features five reels and seven base game symbols.

Business Lessons From Barcrest

When land-based casinos starting meeting their online competitors, Barcrest had the option to continue making land-based slot games or keep up with the changing landscape by launching an online version of their most popular game.

Even though creating several products is one way to generate multiple revenue streams, most businesses today agree it’s better to put the majority of your efforts into one avenue if you want to grow your consumer base. As Mark McCormack wrote in the 1980s, a business should get better before bigger. By focusing on its already popular fruit machine and creating an online version, Barcrest stayed relevant in a new world while maintaining and expanding its consumer base.

Speaking of maintaining its consumer base, Barcrest was able to do this in other ways after it launched an online version of Rainbow Riches. For instance, as the world was introduced to smartphones, portable laptops, and tablets, Barcrest, again, changed its business model to fit the times. Today, through online casinos like Paddy Power, customers can play the game on any device. Similarly, the UK slot provider understands the importance of having a competitive edge in a business. The company’s efforts to achieve this are demonstrated by its release of three Rainbow Riches bonus games, including the Pots of Gold bonus game. This formula of offering bonuses and added features makes Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches stand out from the other competing online slots.

Looking At The Past Helps With The Future

Entrepreneurship is characteristically a career path for those with a great deal of individualism, but even then, these individuals are inspired by the work and influence of others. For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur in agriculture, the contribution of Uganda Breweries over the years will have shaped your ideas and inventions, and those who hope to have more of an online presence can take inspiration from Barcrest.

As we approach the end of 2021, consumer prices will increase temporarily, and that could make customers more cautious about where they’re spending their money. However, following Barcrest’s business model could help companies maintain a steady income from now to 2022. As long as a company stays relevant and keeps up with technological advancements, and maintains a competitive advantage by offering customers incentives, there’s always going to be someone

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